'Arrogant' Biden implicated himself, Republican says

September 5, 2023

The evidence of Joe Biden's crimes is in "plain sight" and comes directly from the president's own mouth, Republican Claudia Tenney said (Ny.).

"Joe Biden is an arrogant guy who can't control his mouth, and I think everything about that reveals exactly who Joe Biden is," Tenney told Sunday Morning Futures. 

Biden notoriously bragged in 2016 about pressuring Ukraine to fire a prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating the energy company that paid a lucrative salary to Biden's son Hunter.

Arrogant blowhard Biden....

Biden's defenders have long downplayed Biden's infamous boast by claiming that Shokin was widely seen as corrupt by Western institutions seeking to promote "democracy" in Ukraine.

Evidence of Biden's corruption has continued to mount, but Democrats have dismissed it all - and some Republicans are wary of impeachment, insisting there's no smoking gun.

Tenney said there is voluminous evidence to begin the process of impeachment - for those willing to see it.

"You have all this information...it's not like it's not there. It's there."

Republicans have released an FBI informant file accusing Biden of taking bribes from Burisma Holdings in exchange for Shokin's firing. But the case against Biden doesn't stop at bribery, Tenney said.

She pointed to a shadowy web of shell companies and a text message from Hunter Biden to his daughter in which he complained about sharing income with his father.

"It's not just bribery, there's money laundering," she said. "This is Joe Biden using his son as a proxy. You have all this money going to the Biden family, not because they're all experts, certainly Hunter Biden is not an expert on energy."

"Blatantly corrupt"

Hunter Biden's business partner Devon Archer recently confirmed that Biden's connections at Burisma and elsewhere saw Joe Biden as a valuable "brand."

"Why aren't we all talking about the fact that this is how he used his position to enrich themselves, to enrich their family. That's money laundering, that's bribery," Tenney said.

Tenney also floated an impeachment of Biden's partisan "dirty cop" Merrick Garland, accusing him of covering up for the "blatantly corrupt" Biden.

"This is the Bidens committing crimes in plain sight and him engaged in a cover-up using the FBI and the DOJ. And they're all willing parties to this. I think they all need to go."

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