New audio clip reveals Trump tried to go to Capitol to stop the Jan. 6 riot but was prevented by Secret Service

 November 18, 2023

One of the many complaints against former President Donald Trump in relation to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot of 2021 is that he took little if any action to try to stop the disruptive and, in some cases, violent behavior of his supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol building in protest of the disputed 2020 election results.

A recently released audio clip of an interview with Trump in the aftermath of the riot has revealed that the then-president wanted to go to the Capitol to personally "stop the problem" but was prevented from doing so by the U.S. Secret Service, according to Newsweek.

That revelation first came during a March 2021 Trump interview with ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl that has only just now been shared by the journalist who has also written another new book about the former president.

Trump says Secret Service stopped him from going to Capitol riot

The newly released audio clip from Jonathan Karl's March 2021 interview with former President Trump was aired on Thursday by CNN's Erin Burnett during a conversation with the reporter about his prior discussions with Trump about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

In that audio clip, per Mediaite, Trump first praised the size of the massive crowd that had attended his "Stop the Steal" speech that morning at the Ellipse, and then was asked by Karl, "You told them you were going to go up to the Capitol ..."

"I was going to and then Secret Service said you can’t, and then by the time -- I would have, and then when I get back, I saw -- I wanted to go back," Trump replied in reference to being taken back to the White House instead of the Capitol building after his speech was finished.

"I was thinking about going back during the problem to stop the problem, doing it myself. Secret Service didn’t like that idea too much," he continued.

"And I could have done that, and you know what? I would have been very well received," Trump added. "Don’t forget, the people that went to Washington that day, in my opinion, they went because they thought the election was rigged. That’s why they went."

CNN predicts audio clip could be used as evidence by prosecution against Trump

CNN's Burnett, after airing the never-before-heard clip, said that the network's legal analysts claimed the audio should be considered "highly valuable evidence for the prosecution" and would "likely be part of the trial" that former President Trump faces next year on criminal charges pressed by Special Counsel Jack Smith in relation to Trump's efforts to challenge and reverse the 2020 election results.

Both Burnett and Karl seemed to suggest that Trump's remarks bolstered the June 2022 testimony of former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson to the Democrat-led House Select Committee that was investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

According to Reuters, Hutchinson had testified that Trump, when told by his Secret Service detail that he couldn't go to the Capitol, had "lunged" at one of the agents and attempted to grab the steering wheel of the presidential limo until he was physically restrained by another agent -- allegations that Trump fervently denied.

Audio suggests Trump did try to stop Capitol riot

Karl told Burnett that, in his view, Trump's words in the audio clip were "an admission that those were absolutely his people, first of all, but also that he had control over those people. And remember, he didn't go up there and he also didn't do anything to try to get them to stop."

That's not entirely accurate, though, for if what Trump said in that clip is true, he did try to go to the Capitol to stop his supporters from rioting over a stolen election but was prevented from doing so by his own Secret Service protective detail.

Further, Karl either ignored or forgot that, for what it is worth, Trump made multiple posts to social media during the ongoing riot that urged his supporters to be calm and peaceful and to not fight with the police -- only for those posts to rather ironically be almost immediately censored and hidden by the platforms.

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