Barack Obama gets caught in a 'whopping' lie

 April 6, 2024

The New York Post's editorial board recently caught former President Barack Obama in what the outlet refers to as a "whopper" of a lie. 

What's more is that the board insists that Obama has a long record of lying.

Here's the video evidence:


The above video is from President Joe Biden's recent fundraising event. This was the event that took place in New York City's Radio City Music Hall and that featured Biden, Obama, and former President Bill Clinton.

The event has made news headlines for countless reasons - that is, for countless bad reasons. Biden, Obama, and Clinton, for example, were slammed, among other things, for attending this event rather than going to the memorial services of fallen police officer Jonathan Diller.

In the above video - which was posted on Obama's X account - Biden and Obama can be seen sitting on stage at the fundraising event, and Obama is explaining why it is that he believes that Americans ought to reelect Biden.

"It is not just the negative case against the presumptive nominee on the other side. It's a positive case for somebody who's done an outstanding job in the Presidency," Obama began.

He continued:

You've got record-breaking job growth. You've got an unemployment rate that is as low as it has ever been. Seniors are seeing big discounts on their prescription drugs. Helping young people go to college. The record-setting investment in clean energy that's going to transition us to the kind of future that our children and grandchildren deserve. And, that is something that Joe Biden has worked on diligently each and every day on behalf of working Americans, and I expect him to continue to do that for the next four years and eight months.

It's all a lies

You don't have to be a political expert to know that Obama is bending the truth here.

"Barack 'If You Like Your Health Plan' Obama lied shamelessly while president, and now he’s at it again," the Post's editorial board writes.

It continues, "Biden can pretend we saw 'record-breaking job growth' on his watch only by disingenuously counting recovered jobs sidelined by COVID. Adjust for that, and job growth under Biden falls short of what 'the guy running against him' accomplished pre-pandemic."

The board adds, "As for the 81-year-old Biden spending 'each and every day working,' that would be a real laugher if his massive R&R weren’t so troubling." Here the board cites a report showing that Biden, in 2023, spent 37% of his time as president on vacation.

So, it's all lies. But, what else would you expect from Obama and the Democrats?

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