Barack Obama's sister tear-gassed on live television

 June 28, 2024

Auma Obama used to be most famous for being the half-sister of President Barack Obama.

Now, she's most famous for being the half-sister of Barack Obama AND getting tear-gassed while giving a live TV interview at a protest in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

Obama was in the middle of the action as she was rallying against a controversial new tax bill at a protest when police began tear-gassing the entire crowd of protestors.

Warning Signs

Kenya has been trying to impose big new taxes on its people, and Obama's presence at the protest was a powerful statement against the new financial burdens on low-income Kenyans and small businesses.

Kenya's tax bill infuriated the nation's people since it was introduced. In an attempt to raise $2.6, billion, 3% of Kenya's GDP, the bill issued popular taxes on bread, vegetable oil, sugar, mobile money transfers, and additional items.

Obama was talking to CNN anchor Larry Madowo as the burning gas overwhelmed the crowd:

"I'm here because look at what's happening," she yelled. As the video continues, Auma stops talking and begins choking and she bends over and struggles to breathe.

Rita Auma Obama

Aumo Obama was born in 1960, and is a Kenyan-British community activist, author, and sociologist. Especially before getting tear-gassed, she was probably the most famous for being the half-sister of America's 44th president.

Obama being the person who was tear-gassed at the event is probably the reason that many people in America have heard about the Kenyan tax hikes in the first place.

Kenyan protests

The people of Kenya are NOT happy about what's going on, and they're not afraid to show it. Many of them have said they're willing to die.

Even though President William Ruto has withdrawn the tax bill at the time of writing, the people of Kenya say it's too late. Over 20 citizens have already died, and as a result, the people want President William Ruto to go too.

"You can't kill us all," one protestor reportedly shouted at a heavily armed government employee charging toward him.

Funerals have already begun for the protestors even as the demonstrations have continued. According to, "public fury has escalated sharply, climaxing in a blaze at Kenya's parliament building earlier Tuesday, where demonstrators vented their defiance before facing a brutal crackdown from security forces, resulting in fatalities."

We pray that the people of Kenya are able to find peace soon! Please let us know what you think about this story by leaving a comment in the discussion section below!

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