Biden administration's recent migrant surge bigger than population of Montana

 January 12, 2023

Members of the Biden administration have long insisted that America's southern border is secure. However, newly released figures betray those claims. 

As Fox News national correspondent Griff Jenkins explained in a tweet last weekend, 718,062 illegal migrants were encountered by Border Patrol agents in October and November while another quarter million are estimated to have been found in December.

The number of illegal migrants exceeds the population of Montana

Less than 198,000 of that number were expelled under Title 42, a Trump-era COVID border policy that allows illegal immigrants to be quickly deported.

The Biden administration is asking the Supreme Court to throw out Title 42 over the objection of red state attorneys general.

Jenkins went on to point out that in the El Paso sector alone, there were 168,170 illegal migrant encounters, which represents a 222% increase over last year.

What's more, Jenkins pointed to 78,161 known "gotaways"--individuals who managed to escape from custody or avoid being apprehended.

Stephen Miller served as an advisor to the Trump White House, and he pointed out that the number of illegal migrants exceeds the population of some American states.

"Using even a very conservative estimate of unknown got aways, Biden has released or allowed more illegals into the United States in the last 100 days than the whole population of Montana," Miller tweeted. "An entire storied American state now exceeded by just 3+ months of foreign lawbreakers."

Miller's remarks did not go unnoticed by Jeannine Edwards, a former sportscaster for ESPN and ABC who has since become a conservative commentator.

"Meanwhile hospitals are on the verge of closing due to high costs & lack of staff. So let's overload our systems," she said in a tweet of her own.

Half a million dollars spent to build a wall around Biden's beach home

For his part, President Joe Biden long opposed his predecessor's plan to build a wall along America's southern border.

Fox News quoted him as saying during an interview in 202 that "[t]here will not be another foot of wall construction in my administration."

However, the network reported this week that half a million dollars worth of public money is being spent to build a wall around his vacation beach house in Delaware. The new security measure is expected to be completed sometime in September.

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