Biden could be announcing second White House run in coming weeks

 January 8, 2023

Though under pressure he's insisted that if he's feeling up to it, he'll make another run for the White House in 2024, President Joe Biden will reportedly make a more formal announcement in the coming weeks, following a family vacation.

According to Breitbart, sources are confident that Biden will announce that he'll seek a second term.

Breitbart noted: "Multiple sources have told the Hill that the president is getting the details ready to make another White House bid in 2024, and he will be making his intentions known to the public in the coming weeks."

The announcement, if accurate based on the source's information would come around the same time that the president delivers the State of the Union speech.

The details

The Hill noted that a "formal" announcement could come as soon as April.

Given Biden's challenged cognitive condition, many on social media immediately mocked the idea that the 80+ year-old president will have the backing or the capacity to mount another grueling presidential campaign.

Others pointed out that polling consistently shows that even Democrats want someone different in 2024.

"In December, a CNBC poll showed that 70% of Americans and 57% of Democrats DID NOT support Biden running for a second term. Translation: The Hill reports Biden to make an announcement to run for President in 2024 in mid-February," Kathy Barnette tweeted.

The Hill added: "Behind the scenes, his advisers are meeting with key allies and are putting together an expansive and revamped digital presence."

All in?

One of Biden's allies told The Hill: "I think it’s all about timing at this point. It seems like he’s all in. It’s not really ‘if’ he runs anymore."

Should Biden choose to run and be healthy enough to go through with another basement campaign in 2024, he'll likely face off against a tough Republican challenger like former President Donald Trump, who has already formally announced his intentions to run.

Only time will tell if Biden actually goes through with another presidential run, but if he does, he'd better hire an entirely new stable of players, because the ones he has right now aren't working out too well.

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