Biden defends criticizing SCOTUS during SOTU address, doubles down on attack

 March 11, 2024

President Joe Biden and his presidential campaign are desperately attempting to woo some of the lost support by doubling down on attacking the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Specifically, Biden has launched a nasty series of attacks on the high court with regard to the abortion issue, as the current conservative-majority SCOTUS bench overturned Roe v. Wade last year.

According to Axios, Biden doubled down on his jabs at the high court during a recent interview on MSNBC.

The 81-year-old president said during the "The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart" interview on Saturday that he believes SCOTUS "made a wrong decision" on the issue.

What'd he say?

Biden's latest attack on the high court comes just days after he made headlines for bluntly going after conservative Supreme Court justices during his bizarre and unhinged State of the Union address.

During his SOTU address, which mostly consisted of campaigning for 2024 and yelling indiscriminately, Biden turned to the six justices in attendance and lectured them on the "electoral power" of women.

"With all due respect, justices, women are not without ... electoral or political power," Biden said. "You're about to realize just how much."

He added, "Those bragging about overturning Roe v. Wade have no clue about the power of women, but they found out when reproductive freedom was on the ballot and we won in 2022 and we won in 2020 and when we win again in 2024."

The elderly, often-confused president was widely criticized for taking a personal jab at Supreme Court justices during the speech, with many describing the moment as unprecedented and out of line.

In the MSNBC interview over the weekend, Biden, now apparently a constitutional scholar, doubled down on his attack on the high court on the Roe decision.

"Wrong decision"

"I think they made a wrong decision. I think they read the Constitution wrong. I think they made a mistake," Biden said in the interview.

Biden also defended his criticism of the high court during the Saturday interview with Capehart.

"They used the phrase that women can vote making change, if they want to,” Biden told Capehart, adding, "I found that somewhat insulting, the idea that they don’t think [women] can. Women are speaking now. They spoke out in 2022. They spoke out in 2024 — 2020. This is what’s going to happen. And I was just making clear, women speak up. This is going to change."

As Biden and his team scramble for support to boost his embarrassing polling numbers, it'll be fascinating to see what he says next.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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