Biden bizarrely declares 'God save the Queen, man' at end of gun control speech in Connecticut

 June 17, 2023

President Joe Biden on Friday delivered a speech on gun control in Connecticut that was marred by several dubious or provably false claims, as well as his typical tendency to utter gaffes.

There was one gaffe in particular that pretty much stumped everyone when, at the conclusion of his remarks, Biden bizarrely declared for no apparent reason, "God save the Queen, man," according to Fox News.

Reporters were absolutely baffled by what Biden said and social media predictably erupted with a mixture of mockery and genuine concern for the president's mental health, as there was literally no surrounding context that might provide any sort of logical or rational explanation for his comment.

"God save the Queen, man"

Friday afternoon, President Biden delivered remarks on gun control to the National Safer Communities Summit at the University of Hartford in Connecticut.

He concluded his prepared address as he usually does with the pronouncement, "God bless you all. And may God protect our troops," but then remained on stage and spoke off the cuff for a moment about how an approaching storm would prevent him from doing the usual rope line handshake routine with attendees.

Instead, he proposed as an alternative that he have his picture taken multiple times as he stood on stage in front of each section of the crowd.

"And then -- and if you can see the camera, they can see you. And it’s the least consequential part of this whole meeting for you, I promise," Biden said. "All right? God save the Queen, man."

Nobody has any idea why he said that

Fox News noted that the comment from President Biden was both bizarre and inexplicable, not least because that phrase is typically only uttered by subjects of the United Kingdom and generally not Americans, except perhaps in jest, not to mention the fact that the "queen" the phrase references, Queen Elizabeth II, died last year in September.

As noted, reporters were completely baffled by the remark, including the pool reporters in attendance at the event who were led by Todd Gillman, the White House correspondent for The Dallas Morning News. "Those watching online heard the final utterance of President Biden at the gun summit: 'God save the queen, man,'" Gillman said in a dispatch. "Several of you have asked me why he might have said that. I have no idea. Other poolers likewise have no idea."

Social media was much less kind, as some users wondered if Biden was "incapacitated" or had lost his mental faculties, or even if it was now time to consider invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office over his increasingly clear inability to perform the duties of his position.

Other gaffes and downright false claims on guns

Unfortunately, President Biden's "God save the Queen, man" gaffe was not the only bizarre thing said during the speech, as he also made a number of dubious or outright false claims about firearms and gun laws that are just as inexplicable.

At one point, he falsely claimed that both gun trafficking and straw purchases -- buying guns for other people -- had only just recently become crimes, and in bragging about cracking down on licensed gun dealers told a ridiculously untrue tale of, essentially, ice cream truck-style mobile gun dealers who pull up to a curb in major cities and begin selling their wares, including AR-15 rifles, to whoever comes along.

Biden also referenced a challenged ATF regulation on pistol stabilizing braces and confusingly stated, "It made it harder for people to buy stabilized brief -- braces. Put a pistol on a brace, and it ma- -- turns into a gun. Makes them where you can have a higher-caliber weapon -- a higher-caliber bullet coming out of that gun."

He also trotted out a few old debunked claims, such as how gun manufacturers are completely immune to any and all liability lawsuits, and, in calling for a renewed ban on so-called "assault weapons" also declared, "We will ban multi-round magazines" -- which would pretty much ban all modern semi-automatic firearms and leave Americans with nothing but revolvers and single-shot breechloaders and muzzleloaders.

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