Biden jokes he'll 'get divorced' if Eagles move to Las Vegas

November 14, 2023

President Joe Biden joked while hosting the Stanley Cup-winning Las Vegas Golden Knights at the White House on Monday that he would "get divorced" from wife and First Lady Jill Biden if her favorite football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, moved to Las Vegas. 

He made the comments as part of congratulating the Knights on their victory and commenting that Las Vegas had become a huge city for professional sports teams.

"And together you’re building a legacy in a great American sports city. In fact, Kamala hosted the Las Vegas Aces back in September when they had just won back-to-back WNBA titles," Biden said.

"Just one promise: Don’t get the Philadelphia Eagles to leave and go… because I’ll get divorced if that happens. I married a Philly girl, and — and it’s a long story," he said referencing his wife Jill.

Highly unlikely

The first lady had been seen at Eagles games at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia in the past.

It is highly unlikely that the Eagles would move to Vegas since the Raiders already play there.

In addition, baseball's Oakland Athletics are in the process of likely relocating to Sin City in the near future.

Already, the Knights are beginning to defend last year's championship: they have 12 wins in 15 games. Coach Bruce Cassidy has credited the team's continuity with making this season feel like it's just an extension of the last one.

Back to work

"It makes days like today more enjoyable," center Jack Eichel said. "It’s been a good start to our season. Obviously want to continue doing that, but, yeah, it’s a celebration of what we accomplished last year, and then we’re back to work."

Team captain Mark Stone spoke after Biden and later said he was nervous.

"It was probably the most nervous I’ve ever been," he said. "Speaking in Vegas (at the parade), I think I’d had a few drinks, so it was a little bit easier to do that one. But with the president standing a couple steps over, it was definitely pretty nerve-wracking."

Biden is probably not going to remember anything Stone said, however, since his apparent dementia would make that difficult.

Biden losing it

He recently got confused when laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Veteran's Day, even though he does it every year.

He's also struggling in recent polls against former President Donald Trump even though Trump is under four indictments and at least two civil cases.

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