Biden signs $1.7 trillion spending bill into law while on vacation

 December 30, 2022

President Joe Biden signed a nearly $1.7 trillion spending bill into law while on vacation in St. Croix.

Biden signed the legislation into law on Thursday which includes numerous pet projects for lawmakers and billions of additional dollars in funding for Ukraine.

The president's words

"The president specifically thanked Reps. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), chairwoman of the House Appropriations Committee, outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Sens. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Richard Shelby (R-AL), Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), "and many others for their leadership" in passing the bill," the Washington Examiner reported.

"A number of Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, had opposed working with Democrats to pass a funding bill until after the GOP takes over the House in the new year. However, that move would have triggered a government shutdown," it added.

Trump's response

Former President Donald Trump blasted the bill in a Truth Social post.

"Every single Republican should vote no on the ludicrous, unacceptable $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill. It's a disaster for our country," Trump said in a video.

"Biden and the radical Democrats are trying to ram through this monstrosity in the dark of night when no one has even had a chance to read it. It's over 4,000 pages crammed with left-wing disasters, Washington betrayals, and special interest sellouts — all designed to keep the corruption going without lifting a single finger to solve the problems," he added.

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy attacked 18 GOP senators who supported the bill.

"There was NO EXCUSE for 18 Republican Senators to vote for this $1.7 trillion monstrosity that spends money we don't have and will make the border crisis even WORSE," he tweeted.

"I'll debate any one of them, anywhere they want to do it," he added.

The bill is now law, but the battle is far from over as Republicans will take back power in the House in January.

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