Biden's X account posts and deletes mistaken criticism of Supreme Court over a district court ruling

 July 4, 2024

President Joe Biden's cognitive decline was on full display during last week's presidential debate, but it appears that he is not the only one in the White House suffering from diminished mental capabilities.

Whoever manages Biden's social media accounts posted and then deleted a complaint about a court ruling that mistakenly confused a federal district court in Louisiana with the Supreme Court, according to Fox News.

The timing of the gaffe by the @POTUS account did not go unnoticed, either, and prompted a deluge of withering sarcasm and criticism in light of Biden's debate performance that was so bad it triggered a crescendo of calls from Democrats and the liberal media for him to drop out of the presidential race.


"Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling on our pause on Liquified Natural Gas exports is incredibly disappointing," the @POTUS account said in the since-deleted X post. "I'll continue doing everything I can to protect our environment and our communities, while ensuring America’s energy security."

Unseen in that screenshot is a "community note" that was added by X users that corrected the mistaken complaint and clarified, "This was not a Supreme Court decision. It was a federal judge in Louisiana, according to Fox News."

The outlet also highlighted several humorous responses, some of which suggested that President Biden himself was posting to the X account instead of an intern or that the social media intern or the account itself had come down with the same "dementia" that appears to plague the elderly man in the Oval Office.

A virtually identical post has since replaced the deleted one with the only difference being the removal of the word "Supreme" and changing the uppercase "C" in "Court" to a lowercase "c."

Court issues injunction against Biden admin's pause

As for what prompted the since-deleted post in the first place, the Associated Press reported that a federal judge in Louisiana blocked a Biden administration plan to delay the consideration and approval of new facilities to export liquified natural gas, or LNG, a valuable yet plentiful resource in the U.S. that is in high demand around the world.

U.S. District Judge James Cain, Jr. issued a preliminary injunction against the administration's purposeful pause after siding with a coalition of 16 Republican-led states that filed a lawsuit against the plan.

The judge agreed with the states' argument that the administration's plan amounted to a de facto ban on new LNG export terminals that would result in lost revenue and deferred investments in the LNG industry, not to mention that it would benefit adversary nations like Russia and Iran that will fill the void in the international market with natural gas exports of their own.

On the other side of the equation stands the Biden administration and environmental groups who argue that new LNG export terminals will only lead to more production of natural gas and carbon emissions that they claim are damaging to the planet.

Disappointed they can no longer delay LNG export projects

The AP noted that both the Department of Energy and the White House expressed disappointment in the district court ruling that blocks them from deliberately delaying the approval process for new LNG export terminal construction projects.

Angelo Fernández Hernández, a spokesman for the White House, told the outlet, "We remain committed to informing our decisions with the best available economic and environmental analysis, underpinned by sound science."

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