Biden's impeachment inquiry failing to gain traction after James Biden interview

 February 24, 2024

James Biden delivered an extensive opening statement Wednesday morning, addressing his personal relationship with President Joe Biden and his entire professional career.

The details included his business dealings with Chinese conglomerate CEFC, according to a copy obtained by National Review.

The comments

"I have had a 50-year career in a variety of business ventures," James Biden began. "Joe Biden has never had any involvement or any direct or indirect financial interest in those activities. None."

"Because of my intimate knowledge of my brother's personal integrity and character, as well as my own strong ethics, I have always kept my professional life separate from our close personal relationship."

He provided his personal background information and detailed his various business entities, such as the Lion Hall Group, the business account he shared with his wife, Sara. He stated that Joe and Hunter Biden did not have an interest in Lion Hall.

The impeachment effort

James Biden testified Wednesday for the impeachment inquiry into President Biden over his apparent role in his family's foreign business dealings.

He defended his business dealings with CEFC as routine and described his role in Hudson West III, a joint venture with CEFC that he worked on alongside Hunter Biden.

In March 2017, months before the venture, James and Hunter Biden's business associate Rob Walker received $3 million from State Energy HK, a company linked to CEFC, according to bank records. Hunter Biden directed a portion of the $1 million he received from Walker to James Biden, the bank records show.

More details

Walker testified in January and recalled James Biden calling him about receiving the State Energy HK funds because he was in dire financial circumstances, according to a transcript of Walker's testimony.

"I remember Hunter telling me that he needed it. And I believe Jim [James Biden] confirmed that, that he needed it at a certain — I don't know whether he was having financial difficulties. But that's where Hunter wanted it sent," Walker testified.

Former business associate Tony Bobulinski testified last week and recalled how James Biden bragged about creating "plausible deniability" for his brother during negotiations related to "SinoHawk," a CEFC joint venture proposal that ended up falling apart.

James Biden received $65,000 in monthly compensation, and Hunter Biden made $100,000 per month from Hudson West III. He said his compensation came through Hunter Biden's Owasco P.C. account, and Hunter agreed to give him more money when he began taking on more of the work.

Hunter also received a $500,000 initial retainer fee spread over a $100,000 and a $400,000 payment, former business associate Mervyn Yan testified. In August 2017, Hunter Biden wired $150,000 of the $400,000 payment to Lion Hall Group, bank records show, adding to further concerns.

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