Briahna Joy Gray fired from The Hill's 'Rising' show following mistreatment of Israeli guest

 June 8, 2024

The progressive leftist co-host of an online news and politics show has been fired following her rude and dismissive mistreatment of a guest during an interview.

Briahna Joy Gray, the former press secretary of Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) 2020 presidential campaign, is now also the former co-host of The Hill's "Rising," according to Fox News.

The termination followed in the wake of a viral clip of Gray rolling her eyes and sighing as an Israeli woman pleaded with her to believe the claims that female Jewish hostages of Hamas, such as her sister, had been raped and sexually abused by their radical Islamist captors.

"It finally happened. The Hill has fired me."

In an X post on Thursday, Gray wrote, "It finally happened. The Hill has fired me. There should be no doubt that @RisingTheHill has a clear pattern of suppressing speech -- particularly when it's critical of the state of Israel."

"This is why they fired @kthalps, & it was only a matter of time before they fired me," she continued with a reference to another former leftist co-host of the show, Katie Halper, then added in a follow-up post of her current libertarian-leaning co-host, Robby Soave, "Also, to be clear, Robby did not know, has objected, and shouldn't be blamed."

Mediaite reported that Halper was fired from The Hill's "Rising" in September 2022 after she defended Rep. Rashida Tlaib's (D-MI) antisemitic criticism of Israel as an "apartheid government," and that Gray and Soave have been co-hosts on the show since then.

Gray's X post also included a screenshot of the "contract termination" email she received from The Hill's parent company, Nexstar Media Inc., which stated, "This is 30 days written notice that your consulting services agreement is being terminated pursuant to the provisions of Section 5.3. For Convenience. Thank you for your contributions and we wish the best in your future endeavors."

Dismissive of Israeli guest's claims about suffering of hostage sister

According to The Jerusalem Post, Gray's termination likely stems from her mistreatment of a recent Israeli guest on the show, Yarden Gonen, who spoke about her sister Romi Gonen, who was taken hostage by Hamas at a music festival during the October 7, 2023 wave of terrorist attacks in southern Israel.

While Yarden sought to raise awareness about the plight of her sister and other Israeli hostages in Hamas captivity, Gray repeatedly attempted to change the subject to discuss Israeli politics and alleged atrocities in Gaza, only for Yarden to shift the conversation back to her sister and the remaining hostages held by Hamas.

Then, in a moment that went viral on social media and arguably resulted in Gray being fired, the co-host emphatically rolled her eyes and audibly sighed before cutting Yarden off and abruptly ending the interview as her guest pleaded, "I really hope that you specifically will believe women when they say that they got hurt."

That final comment from Yarden, as confirmed by multiple reply comments on Gray's termination post, was undoubtedly about Gray's documented history of disbelief and outright rejection of claims that female Israeli hostages have been raped and sexually abused by their Hamas captors, not to mention numerous other antisemitic posts denying or downplaying the historic hate and mistreatment of Jews worldwide.

Firing confirmed

Fox News reported that Gray's termination from The Hill's "Rising" was separately confirmed in an email from Nexstar Media Inc.

The outlet noted that there was also plenty of celebration and satisfaction about the development from critics of Gray's expressed antisemitism and dismissive attitude toward the horrors experienced by Israeli hostages of Hamas.

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