Rocker Bruce Springsteen shares sad news of the death of his beloved mother, Adele Zerilli Springsteen, at age 98

 February 3, 2024

Legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen had some rather tragic and sad news to share with his legion of fans on Wednesday.

According to the Associated Press, Adele Zerilli Springsteen, the mother of The Boss who was beloved by his fans for dancing on stage with him at his concerts, had died at the age of 98.

No cause of death was revealed, but Springsteen had previously revealed a few years earlier that his mother had been dealing with a worsening case of Alzheimer's disease for more than a decade that had recently impacted her ability to stand or even speak.

Dancing with his mother one last time

The sad news was shared Wednesday by Springsteen in an Instagram post that featured a video clip of him and his mother dancing on the front porch of her home to Glenn Miller's big band swing-era classic "In the Mood," and captioned the post with "Adele Springsteen -- May 4, 1925-January 31, 2024."


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The AP reported that the social media post also included some of the lyrics to Springsteen's song "The Wish," which was in part about his mother.

He wrote, "I remember in the morning mom hearing your alarm clock ring. I’d lie in bed and listen to you getting ready for work, the sound of your makeup case on the sink. And the ladies at the office all lipstick, perfume and rustling skirts, how proud and happy you always looked walking home from work."

"It ain’t no phone call on Sunday, flowers or a Mother’s Day card. It ain’t no house on the hill with a garden and a nice little yard," the grieving son added. "I’ve got my hot rod down on Bond Street I’m older but you’ll know me in a glance. We’ll find us a little rock ‘n roll bar and we’ll go out and dance."

The "Matriarch" of the E Street Band family

The Asbury Park Press reported that tributes of condolences and mourning quickly poured in following the news of the death of Adele Springsteen, who had been born in Brooklyn, New York, nearly a century ago but spent most of her life in New Jersey's Freehold Township.

Stevie Van Zandt, a long-time personal friend of Springsteen and lead guitarist for the singer's E Street Band, shared a touching photo of Bruce and Adele dancing together on stage at one of their shows.

He wrote of Adele, "The Matriarch of our family and an unrelenting source of inspiring positive energy. One of a kind. She will always be there for us. Dancing in the audience."

Van Zandt's wife, actress Maureen Van Zandt, similarly posted in tribute, "Adele Springsteen was a ray of light. I think she was the most joyous person I’ve ever met. I remember teaching her and her adorable sisters to dance the Tarantella onstage with the band in Italy. That’s how I’ll remember her -- laughing, twirling, eyes sparkling. Bellissima."

Mayor and local council offer condolences

The Asbury Park Press further reported that Freehold Mayor Kevin Kane, in conjunction with the Borough Council, said in a statement, "On behalf of my colleagues on the Borough Council as well as all of the residents of Freehold Borough we express our sincerest sympathy and deepest sadness upon learning of the passing of Adele Zerilli Springsteen."

The mayor added, "Our prayers and condolences go out to Bruce and his entire family as we recall his mom and her days in our hometown."

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