Byron Donalds responds to Michelle Obama 2024 speculation

 January 16, 2024

Florida congressman Byron Donalds (R) is raising doubt about the popular theory that Michelle Obama will throw her hat in the ring in 2024. 

The former First Lady has long denied ambitions of running for president, but speculation is running hot as Joe Biden continues to stumble his way through the job.

Michelle Obama 2024?

Donalds' skepticism sets him apart from many Republicans and conservative media personalities who have speculated about an Obama run.

He cited the rather comfortable private life Obama has now, which has seen Michelle and her husband Barack Obama get rich off of navel-gazing memoirs and big-ticket speeches lecturing people about racism.

Michelle made $750,000 from a single speech about "diversity and inclusion" last year.

“No, I don’t,” Donalds said, when asked if Michelle will run. “I actually think she enjoys being private and enjoying the private life. I think she wants to comment like Barack Obama wants to comment, but I don’t think she’s running.”

Stuck with Joe...

The former first lady fueled the rumors afresh when she recently shared that she is "terrified" of Trump winning power again in 2024.

Donalds said Michelle is right to be afraid.

“I hear concerns, but the problem is: the guy that’s in her party that’s the head of our government sucks,” Donalds said.

“He’s terrible at the job. So all her lament about people not wanting to show up… why would they show up for a guy who has raised their prices, who has had their kids removed from school longer than they should have been during Covid-19? Now the kids are being removed from school because migrants have nowhere to go because he’s brought too many migrants into the United States with his terrible policy. And, oh by the way, the world is burning."

Barack Obama has also raised doubts about Biden's re-election bid. Still, there are no concrete signs that Democrats are plotting to replace Joe - in fact, they seem to be doing the opposite by consolidating behind him.

That explains why they are going to such desperate lengths to neutralize Trump, even to the point of trying to take him off the ballot.

Of course, no one can predict the future, but it appears Democrats are moving forward on the assumption that Biden will be their candidate.

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