Capitol police investigate cocaine-laced headquarters bag

 May 17, 2024

U.S. Capitol Police are investigating a container containing cocaine residue that was discovered inside the agency's headquarters, according to a statement released by officials on Wednesday.

Capitol Police report that the 1-by-1-inch Ziploc bag was discovered on the hallway floor in an area that had been utilized as a staging area for supplies and furniture as The Washington Examiner reported.

The area is "heavily trafficked" by housing departments, contractors, and other personnel engaged in prisoner processing, intelligence gathering, report processing, and crime scene management.

What and When

Wednesday just before 1:00 p.m., the luggage was discovered and "immediately reported" to a supervisor of the Capitol Police. The package was subsequently examined and found to contain cocaine.

The identity of the suspect remains unknown; however, Capitol Police has stated that it will conduct additional analysis of the residue and DNA tests on the bag.

More information will be provided "when it becomes available," according to agency officials.

Drugs at the White House

This comes less than a year after cocaine was found at the White House in July of last year, as The Associated Press reported.

Two law enforcement officials stated on Tuesday that the White House was temporarily evacuated while President Joe Biden was at Camp David following the discovery of suspicious powder in a common area of the West Wing by the Secret Service. An initial test revealed the substance to be cocaine.

The white powder was discovered by Secret Service agents during routine inspections in a region accessible to tour groups on Sunday, not in a specific West Wing office, according to officials.

The authorities were not authorized to comment on an ongoing investigation and requested anonymity when speaking with The Associated Press.

White House Response

Fire and emergency personnel were dispatched to the complex in order to conduct a rapid test, which initially suspected the presence of cocaine.

As soon as the White House reopened, the substance was dispatched for additional analysis.

Friday marked Biden and his family's departure for Camp David; they returned to the White House on Tuesday.

The White House was closed as a precaution while emergency personnel investigated, according to a statement from the Secret Service. The District of Columbia Fire Department was also dispatched to assess the situation and conclude that the substance in question did not pose a threat.

The Secret Service stated, “The item was sent for further evaluation and an investigation into the cause and manner of how it entered the White House is pending."

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