Cosmetic surgeon asserts Biden has had plastic surgery, hair transplants to alter his appearance

 July 4, 2024

Many Americans have observed some substantial changes in President Joe Biden's physical appearance compared to when he served as the vice president and as a senator that don't appear to comport with the natural aging process.

Now a famous Hollywood plastic surgeon has come forward to share his opinion on the sort of cosmetic procedures he believes Biden has undergone over the years, the Daily Mail reported.

The doctor is not alone in suspecting that Biden has had some cosmetic work done, however, nor is the theory particularly new, as speculation about Biden's changing appearance has fueled many such rumors over the past couple of decades.

Biden displays "telltale signs of a facelift"

The Daily Mail recently spoke with Dr. Gary Motykie, who runs a medical spa in West Hollywood, who estimated that President Biden has likely spent at least $160,000 over the years to alter his physical appearance and combat the signs of aging with cosmetic and hair restoration surgeries.

The plastic surgeon said Biden's face and neck show the "telltale signs of a facelift" and explained, "You can see it if you look at his neckline near his ears. Those are signs he's probably had one or two facelifts. He's also had upper and lower eyelid surgery because you can see that changing."

"Biden's brow has an unnatural expression to it. In men that usually isn't done but about 20 years ago people did brow lifts," the doctor added. "I'm thinking people like Burt Reynolds or Kenny Rogers where it looked feminine."

Other surgeons agree that Biden has likely undergone cosmetic surgery

Dr. Motykie is not alone in expressing his belief that President Biden has undergone cosmetic surgery in the past, as In Touch magazine reported in April that several other plastic surgeons have reached the same conclusion, albeit without having personally examined the career politician.

"He looks completely different," mused New York's Dr. Yoel Shahar, while San Franciso surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kaplan said, "He's had a facelift, which can run anywhere from $40,000 to $250,000."

Dr. Nicholas Jones of Atlanta told In Touch, "If we look closely at his sideburns, there is a straight, unnatural edge that could be a telltale sign of a facelift scar." Likewise, Seattle's Dr. Javad Sajan pointed to Biden's neck and said, "It has become tighter with time, which is often a sign of a neck lift."

Joining them was Dr. Otto Placik of Chicago, who suggested that the narrower shape of Biden's eyes indicated that he'd had his upper and lower eyelids lifted as well as that his relatively smooth forehead was evidence of "Botox as well as extensive fillers."

An unnamed D.C. insider told the magazine of Biden, "The cosmetic procedures are clearly a political move to help him make the public and colleagues believe he's fit enough for a second term," but added, "He isn't fooling anybody. It will take more than a facelift to convince voters. They're smarter than that."

Biden's hair plugs

Dr. Motykie also shared with the Daily Mail his belief that President Biden has had work done on his scalp to hide or reduce the evidence of hair loss that he began to exhibit decades ago as a senator.

That is nothing new, as Politico reported in 2008 on then-senator and vice presidential candidate Biden's unusual "helmet" of hair that looked different from his earlier years in the Senate, with the general consensus among surgeons and stylists that Biden had received hair grafts or plugs to transplant hair from the back of his head to the balding top.

As for former President Donald Trump, Dr. Motykie told the Daily Mail that it seemed obvious that he'd had work done on his hair in the past but also observed that "His neck does not show any signs of him doing a facelift or doing any rejuvenation," and added, "I think he's aging quite naturally. I don't see signs of a facelift or facial surgeries. When he talks his face is quite full of expressions so I don't see him doing Botox."

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