Could Barack Obama become Harvard's next president?

 January 24, 2024

Harvard University has reportedly extended an offer for Barack Obama to assume the role of the institution's next president.

While the former president did not outright reject the suggestion, he deferred any immediate decision.

The Obama-Harvard connection

The connection between Obama and Harvard traces back to 1994 when he was a law student. Both Obama and the author shared literary agent Jane Dystel, known for representing notable figures.

Jane, whose father Oscar played a key role in creating the concept of pocketbooks, represented Obama's 1995 book "Dreams of My Father," initially a slow seller.

A re-edited version by Jane gained traction and became highly successful. Despite his initial relative anonymity, Obama later switched to Clinton's book agent, leaving Jane professionally and financially.

Michelle's role

Michelle Obama's permission for Barack to run for president marked a pivotal moment. Now, with discussions about a possible run for the presidency herself, the plan involves potential indictments tying up Donald Trump in legal battles.

This strategic move could position Obama, whose presidency signaled a shift to the far left and pro-Iran stance, to regain control.

Rumors circulate about Michelle's candidacy, with some insiders claiming firsthand knowledge. Despite public denials from high-level politicians, the information suggests Michelle has sought support from top New York City executives in the summer of 2022. Plans include Barack informing Joe Biden that he cannot run, with the announcement scheduled for late May to avoid an early lame-duck scenario.

Other Obama moves

Further strategies involve electing Adam Schiff to the Senate, passing a radical left agenda, expanding seats, ending filibusters, and implementing national laws on mail and ballot harvesting.

The potential candidacy of Michelle Obama has garnered massive attention from the public, as reflected in internet comments and news pundits.

Some criticize Barack's alleged lack of support for the black working class, while others express concerns about Michelle's liberal stance and her previous statements.

Skepticism also surrounds the potential impact on international relations, particularly in the Middle East, and calls for transparency in financial disclosures.

Obama's influence could now grow even more as he considers a potential offer to lead his alma mater. The chances are low that he will accept but the fact that the university has reportedly extended an invitation should be concerning to Americans over the corrupt influences between higher education and leftist politics.

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