Democrat Suggests George W. Bush For House Speaker

 October 17, 2023

If you were to guess which former Republican president is being suggested for America's Speaker of the House, which one would you guess?

Well, there are only two of them living.

It's NOT Donald Trump.

That's right.

At least one member of Congress has legitimately floated around the idea of George W. Bush becoming America's Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman of Pennsylvania made the claim recently on Forbes Newsroom.

"He could come back," Sherman said. "Obviously, I’m not a real fan of how the Iraq War went, but I would think that any reasonable Republican would be somebody that Democrats could work with — if it was part of a system where you didn’t have five of the most extreme Republicans blocking important legislation and saying, ‘If you bring that to the floor for a vote, we’ll knock you out of your Speakership.’"

Sherman may not hate the idea of George W. Bush, but he did hate the idea of Republican Jim Jordan of Ohio being the next Speaker. Sherman said that Jordan would be "among one of the worst Speakers that we could have."

Although Sherman did then say that maybe it would actually be politically advantageous for Democrats to allow Jordan in because all of the damage Jim would cause.

Who will our next Speaker be?

It's not going to be Jordan, he fell 20 votes short on October 17. It's not going to be Steve Scalise, he's already withdrawn. It's not going to be Kevin McCarthy, he's already been removed.

Surprisingly, one does not need to be a current member of America's House of Representatives in order to become Speaker of the House.

That's why names like Donald J. Trump and George W. Bush have been thrown around, because even though those two aren't in Congress currently, their name power alone warrants them tussling with the big boys in America's government.

Which former Republican president would you most like to see as America's next Speaker of the House of Representatives?

Is it George W. Bush or Donald J. Trump?

Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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