Democrats are trying to avoid a Biden loss because of a mistake in the 2024 New Hampshire primary

 May 19, 2023

Democrats are attempting to prevent a Biden upset following a misstep in the New Hampshire primary in advance of the 2024 presidential election.

Democrats are scrambling to prevent a potential humiliation for Vice President Joe Biden in New Hampshire in 2024 after the Democratic National Committee authorized a calendar that gave South Carolina the state's slot, as The Washington Examiner reported.

The move places New Hampshire in a tie for second place on the primary calendar with Nevada, but it may prevent Biden's name from appearing on the ballot.

New Hampshire is required by state law to hold its primary one week before the rest of the nation. With a Republican governor and legislature, it is unlikely that the state law will be changed to appease Democrats.

“We can’t change our laws, and that’s that. We’re hosting the first primary,” Ray Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, told Politico.

“The president can decide if he wants to put his name on the ballot.”

The Likely Impact

Losing New Hampshire to Marianne Williamson or Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is unlikely to impair Biden's chances of becoming the party's nominee, but it could humiliate the president early in the election.

Both challengers have already indicated they will adhere to the state's laws and appear on the 2024 ballot, regardless of the consequences. According to Politico, the state could also lose half of its delegates if it holds the primary without sanction.

However, Democratic Party members have proposed two novel strategies to circumvent the state law. One possibility is holding a Democratic Party-run primary, which would still grant the state its delegates. Democrats have argued that this option is impractical and prohibitively expensive.

The second proposal is to grant the state an extension, but Democrats have also rejected this idea, arguing that it would be ineffective.

“If there’s any opportunity for this to get resolved by New Hampshire having more time, all of us will say, ‘Give New Hampshire more time,’” labor leader Randi Weingarten, who sits on the DNC committee that approved the changes to the nominating calendar, told the outlet.

Disagreement among Democrats

There is disagreement among Democrats about the new nomination schedule, which was created to show gratitude to South Carolina for its role in Biden's 2020 victory against Trump. Democratic Representative Ro Khanna of California said the White House's plan to rearrange the primaries "would be political malpractice."

“Let me be very clear: It would be political malpractice to strip New Hampshire of delegates, disenfranchising Granite State Democrats for a decision out of their control,” Khanna told an audience of Democrats at a party dinner. “We all know these four electoral votes are going to matter for the presidency.”

A second Biden ally, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-New Hampshire), also criticized the party. She stated that she would not permit Republicans to control the state.

If no extension is granted, New Hampshire has until June 3 to come up with a solution or face the consequences of cutting in line. Biden stated that he would accept the party's decision regarding sanctions.

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