Democrats willing to form a bipartisan coalition if they get to run the House

 October 9, 2023

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) made it clear on Sunday during an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union" that Democrats stand ready to collaborate with their Republican counterparts to effectively govern the House of Representatives.

Jeffries asserted that Democrats are committed to finding common ground. He stated that Democrats are prepared to enter into a bipartisan agreement to ensure that the House can operate in an enlightened fashion, as Breitbart News reported.

According to Jeffries, this approach would allow Democrats to grant Republicans the ability to pursue bipartisan priorities, with significant support from both Democrats and Republicans, to receive up or down votes, ultimately facilitating progress for the American people.

Jeffries said, “To the extent that my Republican colleagues are unable to resolve the ongoing Republican civil war, we’ve made clear as Democrats that we are ready, willing and able to find common ground, to enter into a bipartisan path forward.

"So, we could govern the House in an enlightened fashion that ensures that bipartisan priorities that have significant support from Democrats and Republicans in the House can receive an up or down vote.

"So that we could move forward and get things done for the American people as opposed to allowing the extremists within the House Republican conference to continue to dominate the agenda.”

Democratic Viewed Extremist Elements

The House Minority Leader expressed his concern about what he believes is an extremist elements within the House Republican Conference dominating the agenda.

He further underscored the he wants the people to see Democrats as the party willing to cooperate across the aisle, emphasizing their openness to bipartisanship whenever and wherever possible.

He continued, “We will be back in Washington on Tuesday or Wednesday, and we have said from the very beginning of this Congress, as House Democrats, we are willing to find common ground with our Republican colleagues in a bipartisan way whenever and wherever possible, and we’ve demonstrated our willingness to do it.”

Summarizing recent examples of bipartisan cooperation, Jeffries mentioned that Democrats had played a crucial role in preventing a catastrophic default on the nation's debt.

Democrat's Reported Motivation

Their efforts to avoid a government shutdown and ensure responsible government funding were, according to the party leader, driven by their commitment to addressing the health, safety, and economic well-being of the American people.

Jeffries added, “Democrats provided a majority of the votes necessary to avoid a catastrophic default on our debt that would have crashed the economy.

"Democrats provided a majority of the votes necessary to avoid a government shutdown default and make sure that we were able to fund the government in a way that addressed the help and safety and the economic well-being of the American people and so we’re ready, willing and able to continue to find that bipartisan path forward.”

A number of congressional representatives are lobbying for the position of speaker mid-session due to a historic speakership ousting.

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