Dog Burgum may be Trump's likely VP pick

 May 14, 2024

There's a new leader as Trump's most-likely running mate, and it's a name that you might not have previously taken seriously: Doug Burgum.

Many people counted out the governor of North Dakota after his relatively poor showing in the Republican primaries.

Despite not even having to debate against Trump himself, Burgum was constantly outshined on stage by people like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who were given considerably more time to make their points.

Burgum never started off the race as the favorite to be the person from the kid's table that would end up challenging Donald Trump, but it's probably safe to say that Burgum's presidential campaign didn't quite go the way that he wanted it.

A turning point?

Just recently, Burgum's luck may have changed, though.

In the years since Trump's been out of office, Burgum wasn't a name regularly heard as a potential running mate for Donald Trump's third attempt at winning the presidency.

That's all changed recently, and Trump trotting out Burgum at a recent massive rally in New Jersey proves that there's at least a positive working relationship between the two.

During the event, Donald Trump indicated that it was possible that Burgum could be his running mate. "So get ready for something, OK just get ready," Trump teased at the rally.

As a result, the odds of Burgum becoming Trump's vice president immediately experienced a huge uptick. Now, lists Burgum as the person who is most likely to be named Trump's VP in 2024.

Still a mystery

While it's clear that oddsmakers really have no idea who Trump is eventually going to pick, they can only go off of what they know: Burgum just got a HUGE endorsement at one of the biggest political rallies in the world's history.

We also know that Burgum's chances may be being helped by other candidates seemingly eliminating themselves.

  • Mike Pence refused to go along with everything Donald Trump said, so he's out.
  • Nobody is ever going to vote for Kristi Noem now that she's bragged about murdering multiple family pets, so she's out.
  • Ron DeSantis was once seen as one of Trump's biggest allies, but those two started feuding, so he's out.
  • Nikki Haley was the last Republican standing other than Trump, but Donald can't stand her, so she's out.

Names that were previously thought of as contenders are now punchlines, and names that were previously thought of as punchlines are now contenders.

It seems like the world is going crazy.

Welcome to Election 2024.

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