Fani Willis was forced to escape courthouse using 'body double': book

 February 1, 2024

Fani Willis was forced to flee the Atlanta courthouse where she filed charges against Donald Trump because of death threats, according to a new book.

Daniel Klaidman, co-author of Find Me The Votes, said Willis resorted to using a "body double" to make her escape as her office was inundated with threats from Trump supporters.

Fani Willis sneaks out

He claimed that Willis changed into casual clothing while a woman of similar size donned a disguise and exited the building through the main entrance.

"Meanwhile, someone on her staff, a woman about the same size, an investigator, changes into clothes that are – that resemble what Fani Willis was wearing – black business suit, a string of pearls and a black bob wig,” Klaidman told MSNBC.

The body double wore a bulletproof vest, Klaidman claimed.

"Goes out, the front of the courthouse, gets in the official black SUVs. Meanwhile, Fani Willis and her team go out, slip out the back of the courthouse, get into civilian cars, and leave for an undisclosed location. Really, a dramatic moment.”

Klaidman's co-author, Russian Roulette author Michael Isikoff, was one of the journalists primarily responsible for spreading the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

Willis is the apparent hero of Find Me The Votes, which tells the story of a "defeated president’s conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election and how a local Georgia prosecutor—a daughter of the civil rights movement—decided to indict him and his allies for his desperate attempt to hold on to power."

The book's title is based on Trump's phone call with a Georgia election official, in which Trump said, "I just want to find 11,780 votes."

The call is at the center of Willis' sprawling indictment against Trump and several others who were charged for "election subversion" under the state's racketeering laws.

Poor timing

The timing of the book's release really could not have been any worse for the authors, with Willis caught in an embarrassing scandal that could torpedo her whole case.

It's unclear if Find Me the Votes - which features Willis on the cover - goes into any detail on Willis' alleged affair with Nathan Wade.

Willis has not denied having an affair with Wade, who had little prosecution experience before Willis hired him to work on the high-profile case. The pair allegedly profited financially from the arrangement.

CNN reported that Willis has no plans to recuse herself, partly because she fears the case will be over if she does.

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