First lady accompanied to King Charles' coronation by granddaughter Finnegan Biden

 May 7, 2023

With President Joe Biden having declined the invitation, first lady Jill Biden jetted off for London this weekend to attend the coronation of King Charles III, though she was not alone, taking her granddaughter Finnegan Biden, 23, along on the trip, as Fox News reports.

The pair joined more than 2,000 other guests for the historic ceremony at Westminster Abbey, attending alongside numerous heads of states, celebrities, and other dignitaries.

Biden ladies in London

The first lady and Hunter Biden's second child turned up for coronation proceedings in clothing that many believe was designed to send a political message, as Newsweek reports.

According to Town & Country, Jill Biden wore a cornflower blue skirt suit with matching gloves, while Finnegan was dressed in a pale yellow crepe dress with coordinating headband, and the combined effecting appearing to observers as a not-so-subtle nod to the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

The pair's sartorial display prompted criticism from conservatives online, as Newsweek noted, with former Donald Trump attorney Jenna Ellis opining, “Jill Biden was disrespectful to the United States and her office of first lady by wearing the colors of the Ukraine flag with her granddaughter instead of representing our flag and our nation” and asserting, “First Lady Melania would have been pure elegance and patriotism.”

Ellis added, “America's First Lady represents Ukraine instead of America while in the U.K. The Democrats hate America.”

Family affairs

Finnegan's journey to London was by no means the first time extended family members of Joe and Jill Biden have been allowed to tag along on official or diplomatic travel.

Just last month, beleaguered first son Hunter Biden accompanied his father on a multi-day excursion through Ireland, as did the president's sister, Valerie, though assurances were made that the two would cover any “personal expenses” incurred along the way, as the New York Post reported.

Last summer, the president and first lady also brought Finnegan and her younger sister Maisy along on an official visit to Spain, as U.S. News & World Report noted at the time.

During that trip, the young women joined the presidential motorcade and attended a press conference given by their grandfather at the NATO center.

Too close for comfort?

Not only are the president and first lady accustomed to inviting extended family members to join them on official trips around the world, but they are also reportedly permitting some of their relatives to use the White House as a convenient housing option, as the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Granddaughter Naomi Biden – another of Hunter Biden's children – reportedly lived in the White House with her then-fiancé for “a few months” ahead of their recent wedding, which was also held on the premises.

There have also been reports that Hunter himself has been shacking up at the White House with his latest wife and young son, with some suggesting that he is doing so in an effort to avoid legal process servers trying to deliver papers related to a child support dispute in which he is embroiled in Arkansas.

Though any grandchild would undoubtedly be delighted to visit glamorous locales with their famous and powerful grandparents, such perks will likely never be enjoyed by Hunter Biden's youngest daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, the four-year-old child whose mere existence the entire Biden family – president and first lady included – cruelly refuse to acknowledge.

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