First lady leaves president behind on trip to Ohio egg farm

 October 14, 2023

The website Benzinga reported that First Lady Jill Biden traveled to the Midwest this past week in honor of World Egg Day.

Interestingly, the campaign-style event didn't feature the man whose name will be on the ballot, as Mrs. Biden once again left her husband at home.

American Egg Board CEO "honored and absolutely thrilled" by visit

Benzinga noted that the first lady stopped off at Outward Farms, a family-owned egg facility located in Raymond, Ohio that produces cage-free eggs.

Emily Metz is president of the American Egg Board as well as its CEO, and she touted Mrs. Biden's visit as a big day for egg farmers across the country .

"We are honored and absolutely thrilled—on World Egg Day—to offer the First Lady of the United States a front-row seat to experience the amazing dedication that egg farmers, like the Lauseckers at Outward Farms, give in their daily work to annually produce the 100 billion wholesome, nutritious eggs that Americans count on and love," she added.

Outward Farms founder glad to show off "innovative approach"

The first lady's visit was similarly welcomed by Sandra Lausecker, who founded Outward Farms and also serves as the company's CEO.

"The opportunity to showcase our innovative approach to egg farming, sustainability efforts such as renewable energy and a unique manure management program, feature an overview of our future Education Center, and share the incredible work that U.S. egg farmers do each day to bring nutritious, high-quality eggs to Americans makes me very proud," said Lausecker was quoted as saying.

"We take the health and safety of our birds and disease prevention extremely seriously, and worked to ensure that this very special tour could be accomplished while maintaining the highest levels of biosecurity and disease prevention," she added.

Poll finds three quarters of voters doubt president's ability to govern

This is hardly the first time that the first lady has attended events without her husband on hand, as she also made similar stops in Upstate News York earlier this month.

What's more, The Times of Israel reported that Mrs. Biden also embarked on a solo tour of the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe in May.

The Daily Telegraph cited an unnamed White House source as saying that the president stayed home due to fears that Biden did not have enough energy to attend the event, given how he was already scheduled to visit Northern Ireland and the G7 summit in Japan.

Meanwhile, an NBC News poll published late last month found that 74% of registered voters fear President Biden lacks "the necessary mental and physical health to be president for a second term."

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