Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticizes Republicans for being 'potted plants' in fight against media and the Left

 March 3, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized fellow Republicans for not doing enough to fight against the mainstream media and the Left in the political and culture wars battle.

Speaking to some of the top GOP donors on Thursday evening, the popular conservative governor highlighted his numerous conservative policy achievements in the past four years, according to Fox News.

Among his cited accomplishments were his war against "woke ideology," which transformed Florida from a top general election battleground "into the nation's leading red state.

DeSantis was the kickoff speaker at a three-day "economic retreat" organized and hosted by the Club for Growth, a politically active fiscal conservative group.

The annual gathering, which is attracting roughly 120 of the biggest donors in the Republican Party, is being held at The Breakers, an exclusive seaside resort in an upscale southeast Florida coastal community.

DeSantis Didn't Mention a Presidential Run

Although widely expected to launch a Republican White House run later this year, DeSantis did not mention a potential presidential campaign or any 2024 timeline in his address to potential financial backers. However, the governor showcased during his 40-minute speech that his policy victories in Florida can serve as a roadmap for the entire nation.

DeSantis pushed back against recent criticism by some potential rivals for the GOP presidential nomination over his aggressive actions in going after what he considers "woke" corporations, particularly his battle against Disney.

"Some people who claim to be on the right have said we somehow were interfering with the free market with what we did with Disney," DeSantis said.

"I don't think it works if you say corporate America can advance the Left's agenda with no check and balance if we're just going to act like it's none of our business, because it's affecting our county and if woke ideology takes over it will destroy this country. We are not going to let that happen in the state of Florida."

The Gov's Admonition to Republicans

DeSantis insisted that "Republicans need to not shy away from these fights just because the media and the Left's going to call you names."

"Some of these Republicans, they just sit back like potted plants, and they let the media define the terms of the debate. They let the Left define the terms of the debate. They take all this incoming because they're not making anything happen," he claimed.

Club for Growth President David McIntosh introduced DeSantis and told Fox News that "Ron's message was stand up for what you told people you'd do, and they'll reward you for that, even if they agree with you on all the details."

McIntosh said DeSantis is being "very careful not to talk about being a candidate until he decides for sure that he's running."

DeSantis is making stops across the country, highlighting his "Florida blueprint" and promoting his new book, "The Courage to be Free," which was released Tuesday. DeSantis will deliver remarks at a sold-out event at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California on Sunday.

DeSantis is the first of a handful of actual and potential 2024 Republican presidential contenders to address the conference.

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