FNC's Ingraham blasts Jill Biden's White House Christmas video

 December 17, 2023

The Fox News Channel's Laura Ingraham just blasted First Lady Jill Biden's White House Christmas decorating. 

Ingraham did so during Friday's broadcast of her show, The Ingraham Angle. 

The video

Each year, the First Lady is tasked with decorating the White House for Christmas. This year, Jill Biden chose the theme "Magic, Wonder, and Joy," which she showed off in a recently released video.

The video features tap dancers dancing around the White House with its Christmas decorations. Suffice it to say that the video has garnered a lot of controversy.

Fox News reports, "The video was filled with smiling dancers in brightly colored costumes, prancing and tapping all over the White House, but many viewers described the video as nothing remotely close to a Christmas theme."

Now, Ingraham is joining in the criticism.

Giving Christmas "a big middle finger"

During Friday's broadcast of her show, Ingraham described Jill Biden's decorating of the White House as "woke nonsense."

"If you felt embarrassed and angry to see this type of woke nonsense at the White House during a time Christians have regarded as holy for two thousand years or so, well, that’s the point. They wanted to offend you, they did it on purpose, because they think their supporters like that sort of thing, and they do," Ingraham said.

Ingraham went on to describe the above video as "a bad acid trip," and she accused the Bidens of giving "a big middle finger to Christmas."

The Fox News host said:

It's like what I would imagine like a bad acid trip is. I’ve never had an acid trip but when you kind of look at it, it's meant to distort. And look, everyone likes to have fun. There's no problem with things evolving. I have no problem with that. But there's always something a little too freakish going on and it is kind of a big middle finger to Christians in this country, I think. And frankly to all Americans, not just Christians.

The glaring double standard

As would be expected, the leftist establishment is coming to Jill Biden's defense, targeting those who criticize Jill Biden's decorating.

One cannot help but contrast this situation with the situation that former First Lady Melania Trump faced when she decorated for Christmas.

Trump kept things much more in line with the holiday season and spirit. Yet, despite this, year after year, she faced widespread criticism from the left, including from the mainstream media.

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