Former Obama fundraiser leaves Dem Party, throws full support behind Trump

 June 23, 2024

As the November elections near, President Joe Biden and Democrats in general are taking massive hits, and the latest involves a former fundraiser for Barack Obama. 

According to Fox News, in a bombshell statement, Allison Huynh announced that she's "divorcing" the Democratic Party and going further, throwing in her full support for former President Donald Trump.

Huynh, who helped raise millions for Obama in previous elections, made the shocking announcement during a "Jesse Watters Primetime" interview last week.

She, like many others, has become sick and tired of the Democratic Party's approach to major, real-world issues, like the skyrocketing violent crime problem and the growing number of drug users posing dangers on city streets that were once relatively safe.

What did she say?

The former Obama fundraiser held nothing back in her interview with Watters.

"Like any divorce, there’s not just one thing, there’s a series of things that led up to it," she said.

She added, "The Democrats were policing the wrong things," she said. "The things that we need to police are violent criminals that are scattered throughout the streets of San Francisco, people defecating, shooting up heroin in front of me and my kids, and allowing criminals to go in and steal from our grocery stores, shutting down grocery stores."

"I love to cook, and when I wake up in the morning, there’s no grocery stores to go to."

Fox News noted:

Huynh, who created Willow Garage, a company that created robotics and AI systems, which were later sold to Google, along with her then-husband Google programmer Scott Hassan, helped raise millions of dollars for the Obama campaign in 2008 by hosting elaborate "$50,000- and $100,000-per-plate dinners," for Silicon Valley giants, the New York Post reported.

She stated clearly that she's become disenchanted with the Democratic Party and is now ready to make a sharp turn to the right, supporting Trump along the way.

She's selling it

In addition to switching parties and backing Trump, Huynh said she's also selling an Obama-inspired piece of art, which could fetch seven figures.

Fox News noted:

In 2008, Huynh purchased a Shepard Fairey piece of artwork inspired by the Obama "Hope" posters, paying more than $1 million for the work on canvas. She told Fox News in an earlier interview that her nature as a "hopeful" person and what she called former President Obama's "great ideas" focused on equality for women and people of color led her to support the then-candidate.

Huynh is one of many on her side who have seen the light.

It'll be fascinating to watch more Democrats summon the courage to make the same move.

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