Fox News reported to have "secret file" on Tucker Carlson

April 30, 2023

Many Americans were shocked last week to learn that conservative superstar Tucker Carlson had been removed by Fox News from its lineup.

The dispute between them could turn ugly, as a new report claims Fox News has compiled a secret file that it may use against Carlson. 

The executive said to "keep a file on everybody"

According to an article published last Tuesday by Rolling Stone magazine, the file was developed by the senior executive vice president for corporate communications Irena Briganti.

"Irena tries to keep a file on everybody," one unnamed former Fox News employee was quoted as telling Rolling Stone.

"Any talent like Tucker would have a lot of things; other people complaining. They encourage it, and then just keep it on file. It’s just a classic dirty trick," the anonymous figure went on to add.

Rolling Stone contended that Carlson's "file includes internal complaints regarding workplace conduct, disparaging comments about management and colleagues, and allegations that the now-former prime-time host created a toxic work environment, three of the sources say."

Fox News denies lawsuit's claims

Much of this material is said to stem from a lawsuit that was filed by former senior booking producer Abby Grossberg, who has accused Carlson of overseeing "a toxic and misogynist workplace environment."

However, Fox News provided a statement to Rolling Stone in which it denied that any such file on Carlson exists, calling the idea "patently absurd and categorically false."

What's more, PJ Media contributor Matt Margolis argued in a piece of his own which was published on Friday that Grossber's lawsuit "is questionable, as it has been confirmed that she never actually met Carlson in person."

"Between Rolling Stone‘s credibility issues and the fact that Fox News has denied the allegations of Grossberg’s lawsuit, it’s hard to reconcile the magazine’s claims," Margolis wrote.

Carlson is still employed by Fox News

Although it was widely understood that Fox News had fired Carlson, PJ Media reported that he remains an employee of the network. Carlson confirmed this in a statement sent to the website 19FortyFive.

Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly discussed the situation on her podcast, saying, "I want to, I think, break some news for you. Tucker Carlson hasn’t actually been fired. He’s still an employee of the Fox News Channel."

"What happened was, Suzanne Scott called him, she’s the CEO, on Monday, morning, and said, um, he was not going to be allowed to do any more shows, and that he had been kicked out of his company email, and now they’re going to have to negotiate an exit," Kelly continued.

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