Glen Thompson Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

December 6, 2023

D.C. is in shock at the news from one of their representatives.

Pennsylvania Republican Representative Glenn Thompson confirmed he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

What next?

“Anyone who's worked with me knows I am a person of faith as well an eternal optimist, both of which will guide me as I undergo treatment. I am grateful to my medical team, my family, everyone I work with and represent in Congress. My faith in God is strong and I will tackle this head on. I appreciate both prayers and privacy during this time,” said Representative Thompson in a recent statement.

Representative Thompson will soon undergo treatment for his prostate cancer but made it clear that he has no plans to step down from his position in Congress.

“While this diagnosis is a surprise, I feel well, and will continue my work representing the people of Pennsylvania’s 15th district,” said Representative Thompson.

Representative Glenn Thompson has been in the world of Congress since he was first elected back in 2008.

He has not confirmed if he will run in 2024.

What we do know is that Representative Thompson has a big fight ahead of him. We are glad to know Thompson has God on his side and his faith to steer him through this storm.

We hope and pray Representative Thompson makes a full recovery – Thompson is just the type of man you want in Congress.

He spent nearly 30 years changing thousands of lives with his work as a therapist and rehabilitation services manager.

He’s also an Eagle Scout, a community leader, and a volunteer firefighter with over 30 years of serving.

At his heart, Representative Glen Thompson is a family man who puts the values America was built on first. He is an advocate for his people and cares about what truly matters.

Without members of Congress like Representative Glen Thompson, the Republican hopes and dreams for America would be one step closer to being overrun by the radical policies of the left.

Prayers up for Glen.

Prayers to Representative Glen Thompson and his family during this time. May he have the strength to beat cancer and to continue his work in Congress.

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