Hillary Clinton endorses Rep. Jamaal Bowman's primary challenger

 June 14, 2024

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), a radical progressive member of the House "Squad," just received an absolute political death blow thanks to failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to reports, Clinton endorsed Bowman's challenger this week in a shocking rare endorsement.

Clinton presumably stunned Bowman's camp by offering up an endorsement for Westchester County Executive George Latimer.

The endorsement from Clinton was well received by Latimer's camp, and both sides released statements on the endorsement this week, putting Bowman in a precarious position.

What's happening?

Bowman, who has experienced plenty of negative press coverage this year, took a massive hit with Clinton's glowing endorsement, which she posted online.

"With Trump on the ballot, we need strong, principled Democrats in Congress more than ever. In Congress, @LatimerforNY will protect abortion rights, stand up to the NRA, and fight for President Biden’s agenda—just like he’s always done," she wrote.

Clinton added, "Make a plan to vote by June 25th!"

Latimer gave Clinton plenty of praise for the good word, thanking her for giving his grassroots campaign "momentum."

"Her voice gives even more momentum to our grassroots campaign, which keeps gaining strength because we stand strongly and honestly for our values and for our belief in delivering meaningful results for the communities we serve," Latimer said in response.


Bowman, earlier in the day, made serious allegations against his opponent, labeling him as a "racist," the default attack by progressive candidates who have nothing else to go on.

"He’s in the pocket of Republican billionaires who want to take our voting rights, our reproductive rights, affirmative action and who are racist," Bowman reportedly told Politico of Latimer. "And he also is not just anti-Black racist, he’s anti-Muslim racist."

Latimer struck back hard, slamming Bowman for not taking care of his constituents, who happen to be mostly minorities.

"You don’t mention people who are not Black or brown. There’s a whole district, Jamaal, that you’ve ignored and the district knows you’ve ignored it," Latimer said.

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