Hillary Clinton getting involved in key Senate race, endorses Democrat Ruben Gallego in Arizona

 March 23, 2024

Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has waded into the hotly contested Arizona Senate race that will likely determine control of the U.S. Senate.

Clinton endorsed Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego on Thursday in a post to X calling him a "fighter" who would fight to restore abortion rights. Abortion rights being the highest priority to the Democrat Party, this endorsement makes sense. 

Gallego accepted the endorsement saying he was "proud" to have Clinton's support but he might be eating those words later.

If President Joe Biden didn't exist, Hillary Clinton might be an easy candidate for the least-liked politician in America.

Being endorsed by Clinton isn't something you proudly advertise to key moderate voters who decide American elections.

Key Senate race

Gallego issued a statement praising Clinton saying, "She’s long been a leading advocate for social justice, an unyielding fighter for women’s rights, and a dedicated public servant who has spent decades working to better our nation. Now more than ever, we need to stand together in the face of the extremism that’s threatening Arizona and work to protect abortion rights, defend our democracy, and build a better future for families in every corner of our state."

That statement encapsulates exactly what Gallego's political beliefs are.

Calling Clinton a "dedicated public servant" in light of all that has emerged about her corrupt and unethical activities is laughable.

Furthermore, Gallego isn't concerned about the economy that is crushing American families or the immigration crisis that threatens the country. He's primarily concerned with protecting the killing of unborn children.

Conservative firebrand Kari Lake, who will likely face Gallego, seized on Clinton's endorsement to blast Gallego.

Lake wrote in her own post to X that, "[Hillary Clinton] is all-in on [Ruben Gallego]. I'm not surprised. They have a lot in common. Ruben & Hillary have spent their careers defrauding hard-working Americans & enriching themselves at YOUR expense. I’m running to put you & your family first."

Political poison

The only people who like Clinton were already going to vote for whoever the Democrat Party ran in Arizona. All her endorsement did was attach her poisonous name to his campaign and that could scare off centrist voters.

Clinton's cancerous reputation is exactly what destroyed her 2016 presidential campaign.

While Kari Lake will have her own struggles capturing Arizona's centrist voters, Gallego isn't doing himself any favors in a race that Democrats must win.

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