Hunter Biden judge demands update on gun charges

 September 1, 2023

The Delaware judge overseeing Hunter Biden's trial has asked the parties to share the latest on the first son's gun charges. 

Judge Maryellen Noreika, who precipitated the dramatic implosion of Hunter's sweetheart plea, called for clarity on the gun issue before next Wednesday.

Hunter's next step

Hunter Biden was set to receive no jail time when he entered Noreika's court room in July. He would plead guilty to some tax charges, and the gun charge would be dismissed under an unusual "diversion agreement" that included sweeping immunity from federal charges.

The judge balked at the sweeping plea deal, which unraveled dramatically in court.

“These agreements are not straightforward and they contain some atypical provisions,” Noreika said.

The tax charges have since been dismissed by Noreika as the DOJ continues its investigation. Hunter's lawyers insist the diversion agreement is still in play, but the Department of Justice says otherwise.

Gun charges

The failure to bring felony gun charges against Hunter Biden, who lied about his drug use on a gun form, has raised complaints that the president's son is receiving special treatment.

Hunter Biden was also spared any prosecution for serious crimes, like money laundering, in connection with his shady overseas business deals. Hunter's business partner has testified that Joe Biden was "the brand" Hunter was selling abroad.

Since Hunter's plea unraveled, more information has emerged about a cozy relationship between his lawyers and the Department of Justice.

U.S. Attorney David Weiss, the prosecutor leading the case, initially did not want to pursue charges against Hunter at all - and Hunter's lawyers were expecting the same as recently as May.

But things shifted after IRS whistleblowers went public with evidence that Hunter was being protected from prosecution.

Protecting Biden's son

Although Weiss has been appointed Special Counsel, Republicans have dismissed his promotion as part of a broader cover-up, pointing to his role in the plea deal.

Meanwhile, the Department of Justice has dismissed Republican subpoenas concerning the Hunter Biden probe as "premature."

"These subpoenas lack legal effect and cannot constitutionally be enforced," the department said.

To defend against the gun charge, Hunter's lawyers have ironically marshaled the Second Amendment - which Hunter's father has targeted - and the Supreme Court's landmark gun rights ruling last year, which reaffirmed the right to bear arms.

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