Hunter Biden legal defense estimated at $100K a month, experts say

 December 27, 2022

According to legal experts familiar with Hunter Biden's legal team and efforts to defend himself against multiple legal proceedings, he likely pays $100,000 or more every month toward legal bills, for a total of over a million dollars a year.

Biden now has hired at least four different high-powered attorneys to help him fight allegations on several different fronts.

Kevin Morris is the head of Biden's legal defense. Besides paying off a nearly $2 million tax delinquency to the IRS for Biden, he is attempting to shield Biden from tax fraud and gun charges.

Besides legal defense, Morris, an entertainment lawyer, is crafting media strategy for Biden.

$1,o00 per hour

Just last week, attorney Abbe Lowell, who worked previously for Bill Clinton and Jared Kushner, was added to the team to manage the scandals around Biden's actions. She is working on Biden's defense against congressional probes, which have threatened to expose Biden and his entire family to scrutiny.

Chris Clark and Joshua A. Levy round out Biden's legal defense team and are more focused on the tax and gun charges, which could lead to federal indictments.

A legal expert in the D.C. area who wanted to remain anonymous told Breitbart that lawyers like the ones Biden has retained would charge $1,000 per hour and that preparing for just one hearing could take six to 40 hours.

Is someone else paying?

Florida litigator Anthony Sabatini also floated the $100,000 per month scenario and wondered how Biden was paying for that level of legal services.

“Hunter has to find the money somewhere. If Morris paid Hunter’s two million dollar tax bill, Morris could be at the nucleus of Hunter’s legal defense funds,” Sabatini told Breitbart. “An attorney’s ethical duty is to the client and not the payer.”

“For $100,000 per month, someone is on the hook to pay up,” he added.

Biden has purported to be cash-strapped over the last few years, so it's a mystery how he would be paying for such expensive legal costs without any income.

Is it the artwork?

Biden did create some artwork and has sold a small number of pieces for $75,000 each, but not enough to fund his lifestyle and cover such large legal costs.

He may or may not still have some dubious international business dealings with China, Russia, and Ukraine that have provided him income in the past.

This is part of what Congress is investigating, but no conclusions have yet been drawn about current business relationships that could constitute a conflict of interest since his father is president.

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