Hunter Biden moves into $15,800 per month Malibu beach home while under investigation

August 26, 2023

Hunter Biden, who will soon face another round of investigations and possibly more to come, just made a substantial move regarding his personal residence. 

According to Breitbart, the president's son seems to be downsizing -- a bit -- as far as his living arrangements are concerned, as he just reportedly moved into a $15,800 per month residence in Malibu, with an ocean view.

That's a few grand less than the $20,000 per month he paid for his previous California residence.

While he's undoubtedly spending large amounts of cash on legal services, it doesn't seem to be affecting his wealth and lifestyle all that much.

The details

His new rental, which has a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and is contained in a gated community, is reportedly worth over $4 million.

The oceanfront home has a nice walk-down set of stairs to the beach, and is surrounded by lush greenery.

Breitbart noted:

The property’s listing describes it as having "mesmerizing ocean views that are the ultimate backdrop for dining alfresco or stargazing over the shimmering Pacific" and a "vastly open floor plan, beautiful wood-beamed ceilings and large windows that give the illusion of being fully immersed and in total harmony with nature."

Not surprisingly, Hunter Biden doesn't have the best reputation as a tenant, according to a source cited by the Daily Mail regarding his previous Venice Beach rental.

"Hunter and Melissa were horrible tenants. Not only did they stiff the owner for months of rent, they left the house in terrible condition," the source reportedly said.

Secret Service moves in

The American taxpayer isn't off the hook for Hunter's swanky new residence, either.

Because of who he is, the U.S. Secret Service must maintain a nearby residence, and the lucky agents in charge of Hunter's protection detail just moved in across the street, to a $16,000 per month luxury home.

Of course, that's fully funded by your tax dollars. That home also boasts a fantastic ocean view and comes with a large hot tub because, why not?

Only time will tell if Hunter Biden is ever held accountable for the charges he faces, but it doesn't look like he's missing much of the finer side of life for the time being.

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