Hunter Biden settles child support battle

 June 22, 2023

Hunter Biden is having a fantastic week. In addition to receiving a sweetheart deal from federal prosecutors, the president's son has settled a scandalous child support battle that threatened to expose his murky finances.

Biden's baby mama, former stripper Lunden Roberts, has privately agreed to lower child support payments for their four-year-old, the New York Post reported.

Her lawyer Clint Lancaster said the agreement could go south if the details were leaked. He did not confirm the Post's claim that the amount was reduced to $5,000 a month from $20,000.

"The case is sealed, and these are financial terms that should never be disclosed,” Lancaster said.

Hunter's child support battle over

The settlement appears to spare Biden a July contempt hearing where he was facing possible jail time for snubbing Roberts' requests for his finances.

Biden gave a deposition to the court in Little Rock, Arkansas, with Roberts present just days ago.

The two had initially settled the dispute in 2020, but when Biden asked to lower the payments last year, Roberts dragooned him into court again to explain what changed about his finances.

Biden claimed to be struggling, despite flying to a hearing on a private jet owned by a rich friend who paid off a $2 million tax bill Biden owed to the IRS.

Hunter, who has been open about his drug and sex binges, met Roberts while she was working as a stripper in Washington D.C. At the time, Hunter was in a sexual relationship with his late brother's widow Hallie Biden.

All settled?

The closure of Biden's child support case spares his father some embarrassment as he pursues re-election in 2024. The president is also breathing a sigh of relief, no doubt, over the Justice Department's decision to end a five-year investigation of Hunter with a slap on the wrist.

Despite reams of evidence that point to illegal foreign lobbying and money laundering, Hunter will plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges and lying on a gun form.

Democrats are spinning the plea deal as having settled the controversy over the Biden family's international business deals, but Republicans are pledging to keep following the money trail.

Republicans released bombshell testimony Thursday from IRS whistleblowers who said the Department of Justice blocked the U.S. attorney leading the Hunter Biden case from bringing charges.

It's a good week to have the last name "Biden," that's for sure.

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