Illegal Immigrant Who Beheaded Girlfriend Found Not Guilty

 July 24, 2023

If you're one of the people who is already losing faith in America, this isn't going to help.

Alexis Saborit, an illegal immigrant, cut his girlfriend's head off.

He made a plan to do it, then carried it out and murdered her.

The fact that he's not in jail for the rest of his life shows just how Bragg-Biden-backward America has become.

Criminals are given preferential treatment, and people who prefer to observe the law are called racists and bigots.

The 42-year-old illegal immigrant was found guilty of first-degree premediated murder in May.

As he should have been.

That sounds like the exact right decision in regards to somebody who made a plan to murder another human being and then carried it out.

It looked as though Saborit was going to be facing some serious consequences.

That was until Judge Caroline Lennon came around just recently and claimed that Saborit actually shouldn't have to take responsibility for the murder of America Thayer.

The judge claimed that Saborit's "mental illness prevented him from understanding his actions were morally wrong."

Except Saborit planned this out in advance? That sounds like a dangerous man, not some sort of momentary break in his contact with reality.

"Two doctors analyzed Saborit's case and determined he 'was suffering from mental illness to the extent that it prevented him from understanding the moral wrongfulness of his actions during the alleged offense,'" CBS reported.

Saborit was on his way to a court date with America Thayer when the two got into an argument.

Alexis first beat his girlfriend with an eight pound dumbbell before producing a machete and beheading her.

The illegal immigrant from Cuba then dumped the woman's body in the street in broad daylight.

Saborit had allegedly previously told a friend that he would "chop her f***ing head off" if America Thayer ever tried to break up with him.

The victim's son is absolutely distraught over this brutal misjustice.

"It is tough to understand how somebody can commit cold-blooded murder, plan to do it, tell everyone they’re going to do it, have a motive to do it, and then somehow be considered insane," Charles Thayer said. "I just don't know what world or society we are living in anymore. I just want this to be over with, for myself and my family."

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