In an abrupt reversal, Biden says he's "not worried" Trump could threaten democratic process

 October 27, 2023

Democrats have spent years warning that former President Donald Trump threatens the very heart of American democracy.

Yet while speaking on the election of House Speaker Mike Johnson, President Joe Biden appeared to abruptly reverse course and deny that Trump poses any threat at all. 

Biden says he was "not worried" Trump would "overturn the election"

According to USA Today, Biden's remarks came on Wednesday when he was asked by a reporter whether he is concerned that Johnson will attempt to overturn the results of next year's presidential election.

"No," the president was quoted as saying at a Rose Garden press briefing alongside Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

"Just like I was not worried that the last guy would be able to overturn the election. They have about 60 lawsuits, and they all went to the Supreme Court, and, every time, they lost," Biden added.

USA Today asserted that Johnson "played an important role" in encouraging House Republicans to sign a legal brief challenging election results in four swing states.

Chuck Schumer: Trump has put democracy "at risk"

The president's nonchalant attitude stands in sharp contrast to the tone that many Democrats have taken when discussing former President Trump and his influence on the Republican Party.

An example of that came when Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told The Nation in 2021, "This democracy is at risk."

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered a similar assessment during an interview last month with CNN host Anderson Cooper.

Pelosi: "Nothing less is at stake than our democracy"

"I think nothing less is at stake than our democracy," Pelosi said of the 2024 race. "You hear that in the country. You hear that globally. And we have to remove all doubt that our democracy is strong."

“We have to prove through the night, with the certainty of this election, that our flag is still there, with liberty and justice for all as we pledge every day,” she continued.

Pelosi reiterated that same message while speaking at an event last week, warning that Americans are at risk of losing "all that we care about and all that we believe in."

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