Jack Smith asks judge to stop Trump from speculating about political motive in 2020 election trial

 December 28, 2023

Jack Smith unintentionally acknowledged the truth about his prosecution of Donald Trump Wednesday with a bold request to shut out any speculation that Joe Biden is involved. 

Any suggestion that the 2020 election trial is politically motivated must be excluded to avoid swaying the jury, Smith told judge Tanya Chutkan Wednesday - whining that Trump has pushed "wholly false" claims that Smith is on a political vendetta.

Smith also said Trump's lawyers should not be allowed to spread "disinformation" about security failures on January 6th or the role of undercover informants.

“The Court should not permit the defendant to turn the courtroom into a forum in which he propagates irrelevant disinformation, and should reject his attempt to inject politics into this proceeding,” Smith argued.

Smith gives the game away

Smith's planned March trial date has been unsettled by some recent developments, with Trump pursuing a potentially prolonged appeal on the issue of presidential immunity.

The case is paused pending resolution of the appeal, which is set to move forward on January 9th in the D.C. Circuit court.

Despite the pause, Smith has pushed ahead with more legal motions - something Trump called "illegal" in a post blasting Smith's gambit to hide "the truth" about the political nature of the trial.

"Today’s pathetic motion is not just Illegal, it is also another Unconstitutional attempt to take away my First Amendment Rights, and to prevent me from saying the TRUTH — that all of these Hoaxes are nothing but a political persecution of me, the MAGA Movement, and the Republican Party by Crooked Joe and his Despicable Thugs," Trump wrote.

A political sham

Despite Smith's attempt to cover up the obvious, his true objective has only become clearer as Smith pushes to keep his trial on schedule.

His urgent request to the Supreme Court to speed up the case - which cited a vague "public interest" that Smith did not define - is proof enough that Smith is pursuing a political prosecution on a political timetable.

The Supreme Court denied Smith's bogus request.

Smith has already tried to stop Trump from attacking the credibility of the case with a sweeping gag order - which was curtailed to let Trump criticize Smith after an appeals court warned the prosecutor to develop "thicker skin."

If the case goes to trial, Smith has the deck stacked in his favor, with a judge who clearly hates Trump and a left-leaning jury that is likely to feel the same way.

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