Jesse Watters mocks Kamala Harris' feeble 'rebrand' attempt after disastrous Colbert interview

 March 17, 2023

Fox News host Jesse Watters mocked Kamala Harris over her refusal to accept that she "doesn't have what it takes" to be in a position of leadership after she sat down for another awkward media interview.

Harris' conversation with liberal comedian Stephen Colbert was a feeble attempt at a "rebrand" that flopped, Watters said.

The Jesse Watters Primetime host pointed to several uncomfortable moments during the "choreographed," interview, which Watters said should have been a "slam dunk."

"Kamala knows every question she's going to get asked. It's all rehearsed, so it should be a slam dunk for the VP, but it was a disaster," Watters said.

Harris embarrasses herself again

There was some unintentional irony when Harris compared her job to the comedy show Veep, whose bumbling main character has often been likened to Harris herself.

"There are bits of it that are actually quite accurate,” Harris said of the show, which stars Seinfeld actor Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.

Harris went on to tell a clumsy joke about a staffer who lit the fireplace in her office while she was out.

“But he forgot to open the flue,” Harris said, with her characteristic cackle. “So Secret Service was like, ‘Ma’am, you cannot go back to your office,’ because there was smoke everywhere.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Harris rambled about electric school buses, a favorite subject of hers, and avoided a question about what she does each day, which prompted a light ribbing from Colbert.


Watters pointed to Harris' softball interview and a stop in Iowa this week as signs that she is making a push to win back the favor of Americans who have lost confidence in her, which would include many Democratic operatives.

"Kamala Harris has launched her, well, we've lost count, fifth rebrand tour, trying to get America to fall in love with her and make sure Biden doesn't kick her off the ticket," Watters said.

While she is widely seen as a liability to her party, Harris has continued to receive support from the liberal echo chamber on late night and daytime TV, where she is reliably framed as the victim of racists and sexists in the electorate.

The cast of The View accused Fox News this week of tricking Americans into thinking that Harris is "inept" by playing clips of the vice president's vacuous rambling.

Harris has also been caught up in some petty drama with Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma.), who is said to have insulted Harris by failing to unhesitatingly endorse her.

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