Jill Biden picks up slack for husband in Kansas

September 26, 2023

In 2020, Joe Biden used the pandemic as an excuse to avoid the rigors of campaigning. In 2024, he's relying increasingly on his wife to do the legwork.

Jill Biden has been traveling all over creation to plug her husband's anemic campaign - making stops in San Diego, LA's Beverly Hills (not exactly a bastion of the working people Biden claims to advocate) and Seattle over the past week alone.

Her next stop is Kansas City, where she will appear Wednesday afternoon to discuss education.

Jill Biden to visit Kansas

The First Lady will make an appearance at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum, followed by a speech for the Biden Victory Fund.

"Doctor" Biden's background in teaching has made her a go-to spokesperson on a major issue for Democrats: so-called "book bans" of ideological and pornographic material in schools.

She has also emerged as an increasingly important - and feisty - surrogate for her doddering husband, whose alarmist us-versus-them message about "democracy" and the so-called threat of "MAGA Republicans" she has faithfully echoed.

Jill Biden sought to rouse donors to a state of alarm during a stop in San Diego this weekend, painting the prospect of a Trump victory as an existential danger.

"We know what’s in store if the extreme MAGA Republicans return to power,” she told donors in San Diego. “The choice in this election could not be more clear. Chaos, crisis and corruption or strong, steady leadership that actually gets things done.”

Biden's surrogate

At times, Biden has been known for surprising candor. She balked at the "shocking" support that Trump continues to receive despite his indictments - a subject her husband has mostly avoided touching on directly.

One would almost think that Jill is running for president instead of her husband.

But Sleepy Joe is trying to get out there a little more, stopping in Michigan on Tuesday to join picketing auto workers - for a whopping 87 seconds, according to NewsNation's Emily Finn.

Trump is stopping in Michigan on Wednesday night - where, if past is precedent, he will speak for 90 minutes plus.

How is Biden going to keep up with Trump at this rate?

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