Joy Behar, Rachel Maddow freak out about Trump cancelling 'The View' if he wins 2nd term as President

 June 19, 2024

MSNBC talking head Rachel Maddow made an appearance on "The View" on Tuesday where she floated the absolutely absurd idea that former President Donald Trump would shut down "The View" if he wins the presidential election.

Joining the panel that includes Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, Maddow went full conspiracy theory mode by speculating that Trump would shut leftist TV shows down and throw people like herself and the panelists on "The View" in re-education camps.

The irony of this is that it's the talking heads like Maddow and other Democrats who have spent years talking down to Republican voters and floating the idea of Soviet-style "reeducation camps."

The prospect of Trump winning a 2nd term as President has the left genuinely afraid, especially with Trump promising retribution for the deep state that has spent the past decade abusing the legal system to destroy him.

Leftists Losing Their Minds

While Trump certainly has plans for retribution against his enemies, the fearmongering from Maddow and "The View" crosses over into baseless conspiracy theory territory.

During Tuesday's appearance, Maddow claimed, "I'm worried about the country broadly if we put someone in power who is openly avowing that he plans to build camps to hold millions of people, and to ‘root out’ what he’s described in subhuman terms as his 'enemy from within.' For that matter, what convinces you that these massive camps he’s planning are only for migrants? I’m worried about me — but only as much as I’m worried about all of us."

Instead of challenging Maddow's baseless claims, Behar joined right in saying, "So you said recently that you thought that you, as an outspoken critic, could be a target yourself. Some people think that sounds overdramatic, but I’m right there with you. I think that he is so vindictive that he will go after [us], however he has to, through the IRS maybe, or even through sponsors, to get us off the air maybe, or you."

The idea that Trump would go after "The View" is patently ridiculous due to the fact that Trump has much bigger fish to fry should he win another term in the White House.

The irony of all of this is Behar talks about Trump using government agencies or going after the show's sponsors to get them off the air. This is the exact issue that conservative voices have been fighting against for years.

Just the idea of getting a taste of their own medicine is enough to send the left into a panic. For many conservatives, watching leftists deal with petty and vindictive use of government power would be a sweet reward after years of persecution.

The Real Target

Leftist talking heads like Rachel Maddow and Joy Behar do more good for Trump and there is little reason for any Republican to try and de-platform them.

The real target is the deep state and the corrupt actors that have twisted our institutions to serve a partisan purpose. Trump's biggest enemies are the leftists who are in charge of the DOJ and who have been abusing their power to stop Trump from achieving power.

It was those faceless bureaucrats that undermined Trump's first term in office and if he wants to avoid the mistakes of the past he must be thorough about "draining the swamp."

Until Trump gets rid of those bad actors, his agenda will be bogged down and his 2nd term will be just as frustrating as his first. As for Joy Behar and the rest of the talking heads, he can continue to use them as easy punching bags for viral clips.

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