Judge orders Hunter Biden to share information about finances in child support case

 May 2, 2023

Hunter Biden's messy child support battle in Arkansas could bring his shady financial dealings into the light. 

The president's scandal-plagued son attended a hearing Monday where a judge ordered him to sit for a deposition in June and answer a questionnaire about his financial assets, including the proceeds from his sleazy art deals.

Hunter's lawyers pushed back on claims that the president's son is a "deadbeat," saying he pays former stripper Lunden Roberts $20,000 a month and has forked over $750,000 altogether.

Hunter Biden child support bomb shell

Hunter Biden has been fighting since the case began to keep his finances a secret. He initially moved to settle out of court in 2020 after the judge pushed for disclosure, but he reopened the matter last year by asking to have his child support payments lowered.

Biden's baby mama accuses Hunter Biden of obstructing the discovery process and feigning poverty. Independence County Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer has also expressed frustration with Biden for drawing the case out.

At Monday's contempt hearing, she told Hunter's lawyers that the ability to redact information is "somewhat being abused."

The Biden family has yet to acknowledge the existence of four-year-old Navy Roberts. Ironically, Hunter Biden has resisted Lunden Roberts' efforts to have the child take the Biden name, with Hunter questioning whether it is "in the best interest of the child."

Hunter was living in a $12,000 per month Hollywood apartment during the initial child support fight, the Daily Mail reported. Roberts' lawyers say Biden is "living lavishly" despite posing as "an artist living on meager means."

Trial coming

Hunter Biden notoriously kept a lucrative, do-nothing sinecure at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings. Another venture with a Chinese energy company reportedly netted Hunter and his uncle James Biden millions of dollars.

The corrupt scion's notorious laptop, which details those overseas business deals and others, has become an issue in the child support case. Despite the massive controversy already caused by his foreign dealings, Hunter Biden has continued to raise red flags by selling massively overvalued artworks.

Meyer told Roberts' lawyers that they could issue a subpoena for the names of Biden's buyers and the sale prices, saying, "It’s a little incredible that there is no estimate of valuations.”

A woman in the courtroom's gallery shouted "Go Trump" as Hunter left.

A trial is scheduled for July.

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