Judge overseeing Trump's classified documents case continues to be attacked

 June 16, 2024

Aileen Cannon, the Florida judge who is overseeing the classified documents case that special counsel Jack Smith has brought against former President Donald Trump, continues to be attacked by members of the political left. 

Now, according to NPR, a former federal judge is claiming that Cannon is showing "favoritism" toward Trump.

The former federal judge is Shira Scheindlin. She was a judge for New York's eastern and southern districts for more than two decades.

She was appointed to the post by former President Bill Clinton.

Scheindlin goes after Cannon

During a recent appearance on NPR's program with Scott Detrow, Scheindlin took Cannon to task for various decisions that she has made in the Trump case.

Scheindlin began:

The main thing that stood out to me is how she has constantly caused delay in the case, instead of moving it forward. She's done that in, I would say, two ways. One is her inability to rule in an efficient manner. And most experienced judges - which, of course, I considered myself after the 27 years you mentioned - try to know which motions really require further consideration argument and which you know instinctively you could say, frankly, one word - denied. And you can rule from the bench.

What Scheinlin did not mention here is the fact that Trump and his legal team want the delay to try to push the case back until after the 2024 presidential election.

Scheindlin, however, did not stop there. She went on to accuse Cannon of showing "favoritism" toward Trump.

The retired judge said:

The second thing that stands out to me is what appears to me to be her dislike of the government and her favoritism toward the defense. I'm not saying that that's going to, in the end, determine how she rules on everything. But she seems to have a visceral dislike of Jack Smith and his team. She's constantly criticizing them, and she almost never treats the defense that way, so she's kind of on them, I would say. In writing and orally from the bench, she's always saying sort of negative things, and you can feel it. You feel it in the aura of how she's handled the case.

A different take

Not all legal experts see the situation as Scheindlin sees it.

It just might be the case that Cannon always seems to be ruling against Smith because Smith is always doing things he shouldn't be doing.

Renowned defense attorney Allan Dershowitz, for example, has even accused Smith of using "intimidation tactics with Judge Cannon."

It is also worth noting that Cannon has ruled, at times, against Trump.

What likely makes Cannon's pro-Trump rulings really stick out are the recent New York Cases where Trump didn't seem to get one ruling in his favor. For the left, it seems that if a judge isn't constantly ruling against Trump, then that judge is simply no good.

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