Karine Jean-Pierre snaps, claims Biden has already addressed document scandal

 January 25, 2023

White House spin artist Karine Jean-Pierre snapped Wednesday at a reporter's inquiries about the classified document controversy that has engulfed the administration in recent days.

During a testy exchange with NBC's Kristen Welker, Jean-Pierre insisted once again that Biden has already addressed the growing controversy.

Jean-Pierre loses it

The White House has ignored questions about the document scandal for days, sticking closely to talking points about Biden's "transparency" while deflecting questions elsewhere. Jean-Pierre has even declined to answer questions with no apparent connection to the DOJ's investigation.

NBC's Kristen Welker asked whether Biden is concerned about the handling of classified documents in general after former Vice President Mike Pence announced he had documents at home, too -- an apparent soft-ball that Jean-Pierre declined to catch.

"I do want to be very careful. This is an ongoing legal matter here," she said, talking over the reporter. "I am telling you that because there is a really -- we have to be really careful - because there is, this is a legal matter that is happening currently."

Nothing more to add?

The exchange became increasingly heated as Welker pressed for answers on when Biden would finally address his handling of documents in front of the American people.

Jean-Pierre insisted that Biden has already done so by responding to a handful of shouted questions from reporters.

"But as you all know, and I know, questions were shouted earlier," Jean-Pierre stated. "There's many opportunities that you all have with him where he takes all of your questions, and he has over the past two weeks."

The White House's failure to promptly disclose the existence of the documents, which were initially found in November at the Penn Biden Center, has called the administration's "transparency" pledge into question.

More documents have surfaced piecemeal, including some that were found in an FBI search of Biden's home on Friday. The DOJ is reportedly considering additional searches at other locations.

White House scoffs at oversight

In a dismissive letter to Republican investigators Monday, the administration said they would cooperate with any oversight requests that are "legitimate" in the administration's judgment.

Of course, Biden's idea of "legitimate oversight" is bound to be highly selective.

The White House has already dismissed Republican investigations of the Biden family's murky overseas business dealings as a conspiracy-driven partisan circus, based on "debunked" stories, despite a trove of evidence to the contrary.

Republicans have now asked for a complete record of visitors to Biden's home. The White House insists no such records exist, but the Secret Service has said otherwise.

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