Lara Trump Readies Massive Force Of Poll Watchers, Lawyers For November

 June 15, 2024

Lara Trump, Republican National Committee co-chair, has announced an ambitious effort to muster over 100,000 poll watchers and 500 lawyers to oversee voting in November.

The initiative aims to ensure election transparency and fairness, addressing concerns about potential voter intimidation and violence.

RNC's Plans Announced in Bloomfield Hills

Speaking from behind a podium in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, a Detroit suburb, on Friday, Trump detailed the RNC's extensive plans.

She revealed the primary missions of these volunteers: monitoring the voting process, overseeing vote counting, and taking legal actions against any interference.

Trump emphasized that these efforts are crucial for a "free, fair and transparent election," aiming to guarantee a clear outcome on November 5.

Training Begins Under Tight Secrecy

Shortly after Lara Trump's speech, approximately 75 potential poll watchers started their training session. The press was barred from attending the training or accessing any related materials.

Trump’s announcement included militaristic language, using terms such as "deploy" and "battleground" to describe the initiative.

The objective is to ensure that volunteers are present each time votes are cast or counted, enhancing election oversight.

Ensuring Respectful Conduct

RNC co-chair Michael Whatley assured that volunteers would be instructed to act in a respectful and law-abiding manner. He reinforced that the main goals this year are to rally voter turnout and protect the integrity of the ballot.

Whatley said, "Our people will be taught to be respectful and non-threatening, but to also follow the law."

He added, “Our biggest goals this year with the Trump campaign are to get out the vote and protect the ballot.”

Volunteer Concerns and Motivations

One attendee expressed lingering doubts about the 2020 election’s legitimacy and fears of potential conflict should Joe Biden win again. “I’m convinced that the election was stolen in 2020 . . . and I genuinely think if Joe Biden wins this one we will be heading towards World War Three,” the person told The Post.

The attendee underscored that this effort was about more than just protecting votes, remarking, “This isn’t just about protecting our votes, it’s about protecting our families.”

Matthew, another potential poll watcher, identified himself as a member of Trump Force, a local group aimed at voter fraud awareness. He shared similar motivations, stating, “I’m forced to be here. I’ve gotta be here for my family’s sake.”

Growing Campaign Momentum

The wheels of this vast voter-engagement campaign are now in motion, which could potentially become one of the largest-ever initiatives of its kind. Although this effort aims to foster transparent voting processes, there are looming concerns about whether it could discourage voter turnout or incite violence.

When asked about these risks, Trump was unperturbed. She emphasized the rigorous training that volunteers will undergo to ensure freedom, fairness, and safety.

Emphasis on Training and Safety

“Anyone who comes to these trainings will see and hear the lengths we are going to to ensure freedom, fairness and safety,” Trump assured reporters.

Despite these assurances, reports from various studies, including one by the Brennan Center for Justice, indicate that voter fraud is incredibly rare in the United States, with incident rates ranging from 0.00004% to 0.0009% in sample elections.

Nonetheless, Trump and her supporters deem even these minuscule rates unacceptable and are pressing forward with their extensive plans.

Eager Volunteer Participation

The crowd at the event appeared receptive to the messages, showing a strong willingness to participate in the upcoming initiatives. The emphasis on lawful and respectful conduct, coupled with the promises of thorough training, resonated well with the potential volunteers.

The rendition of this volunteer force underscores the persistent doubts harbored by some segments of the electorate regarding the integrity of the prior and forthcoming elections.

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