Melania was 'livid' over legal strategy in husband's rape lawsuit

 July 27, 2023

Contrary to the mainstream media's narrative, Melania Trump is standing by her husband's side as the left ramps up its sick witch hunt like never before.

The former First Lady believes the verdict in her husband's rape trial is complete bogus - and she's "livid" with the performance of his lawyers.

Recall, President Trump was found guilty of sexual abuse (but not rape) and defamation by a jury in New York months ago in a lawsuit brought by E. Jean Carroll.


The case became a media circus, especially after the court played Trump's deposition (he didn't testify during the trial itself).

Carroll's team relied largely on the controversial Access Hollywood tape to paint Trump with broad strokes, while Trump's lawyers dismissed Caroll's narrative about Trump raping her in a department store as implausible.

The Times reported that Melania questioned why Trump's lawyers didn't raise more objections during the deposition, in which he confused Carroll with his former wife Marla Maples and doubled down on the Access Hollywood comments.

Melania was also skeptical of Carroll's story, particularly her inability to recall the date of what she described as such a traumatizing event.

Carroll is continuing to sue Trump in a separate defamation case after a jury found Trump liable for defamation and battery, ordering him to pay $5 million. A federal judge in New York recently rejected Trump's request for a new trial, saying Carroll "convincingly established" that Trump raped her.

Standing by her husband

In recent months, the press has painted Melania as detached from her husband's escalating legal burdens. But the Times report that Melania is "defensive of her husband" and "deeply distrustful of the mainstream media."

She also shares her husband's feeling that the Trump family has been "unfairly attacked" over the years, and she is not dismissive of returning to the White House again, something she has expressed publicly.

"He has my support, and we look forward to restoring hope for the future and leading America with love and strength," she said in May.

Melania is confident that her husband can win another term, despite the mounting legal pressure against him, the Times said. Former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway told the Times that Melania is "all in" for her husband's campaign and remains his most trusted adviser.

“I know few people as comfortable in their skin as Melania Trump,” Conway, who is not with the Trump campaign, said. "She knows who she is and keeps her priorities in check. Melania keeps them guessing, and they keep guessing wrong.”

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