MSNBC host said Dems were in a full panic after Biden's poor debate performance

 June 29, 2024

President Joe Biden's debate with former President Donald Trump was embarrassing, to say the least.

But beyond that, it was a wake-up call for Democrats and those in the liberal media sector. And many of those same people were in a complete panic Thursday evening when the debate wrapped up.

According to Fox News, one example was the newsdesk at MSNBC, where some of the hosts said they received calls and texts during the debate from Democratic sources sounding the alarm on the frail-sounding president.

Biden's performance sparked mass calls for his resignation from the presidency to allow for a new candidate.

What happened?

MSNBC host Joy Reid was one of the first high-profile liberal media hosts to admit Democrats were in a "full-fledged panic" after Biden's dismal performance.

Fox News noted:

During the post-debate analysis on MSNBC, Reid said Democrats, specifically "campaign people," were frantically texting her with concerns that Biden appeared "extremely feeble and weak," adding that his performance left many in his own party rattled heading into November.

"Obviously, Joe Biden comes in with certain deficits. He has a stutter. It is more difficult for him to communicate for that reason. So there is a lot to mitigate the way that he speaks, and you can understand it. We have observed for a long time.," Reid said, attempting to make excuses for

"That said, I, too, was on the phone throughout much of the debate with Obama world people, with Democrats, with people who are political operatives, with campaign operatives. My phone really never stopped buzzing throughout. And the universal reaction was somewhere approaching panic," Reid said.

"The people who were texting with me were very concerned about President Biden seeming extremely feeble, seeming extremely weak," she added.

Reid was one of many who surprisingly admitted the truth about how Dems were feeling in that moment.

Doubling down

Shockingly, Reid, who has always been a staunch defender of Biden's White House, admitted that Biden didn't sell the public -- especially his party -- on the idea that he has the strength mentally and physically to be in the White House for four more years.

"He needed to settle Democrats…Democrats always talk about Democrats are bed wetters, Democrats [are] always panicking … they are neurotic. But Joe Biden’s job was to reassure them tonight. His job was to calm his party, to make them feel that, ‘Yes, I can do this. I have four more years in me. I have the ability and the stamina and the strength to do four more,’" Reid said.

Despite the enormous pressure to bow out of the race, Biden's campaign insisted he would not be dropping out.

However, given what's happening within the party, that could still change.

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