Nathan Wade sits down for interview with CNN's Kaitlan Collins

 June 16, 2024

Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis has been in the news this year for all the wrong reasons, and her former paramour, onetime special prosecutor Nathan Wade, recently sat down for an interview with CNN.

Wade held forth on a range of topics, including his take on the prosecution of former President Donald Trump on election interference charges, though he did halt his exchange with host Kaitlan Collins when questions about the timeline of his romance with Wills arose, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Wade and Collins discuss Trump, Willis

Wade and Collins sat down for a discussion for CNN show The Source this past Wednesday, as Fox 5 in Atlanta explains.

As they chatted about the case against Trump in which he was once heavily involved, Wade insisted that he should not be blamed for the fact that proceedings in the matter have been significantly delayed and complicated by his prior romantic entanglement with Willis, which prompted a push for her disqualification.

That revelation eventually led to Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee's determination that Willis could remain at the helm of the prosecution, provided Wade stepped down, which he subsequently did.

Willis' continued presence on the case, however, was not well-received by Trump and several of his co-defendants, and it is not the subject of an appeal, with oral arguments now slated to occur on Oct. 4 and a decision unlikely to be rendered until well after the November election.

Addressing frustrations on the left about the fact that the case against Trump has been so significantly derailed, Wade mused, “I don't believe my actions played a role in it at all.”

Romance draws scrutiny

Wade's relationship with Willis was inevitably a topic of significance during the interview, with the former special prosecutor defending his involvement and expressing his lack of any regret over the affair.

Characterizing the district attorney as a “great” friend with whom he is in frequent contact, Wade did note that the tone of their chats has shifted since their connection became public.

While their discourse formerly centered around the Trump prosecution, he explained, it is now focused on the manner in which she is coping with heightened media scrutiny and alleged threats to her safety.

Interview takes odd turn

In a particularly unusual television moment, Collins decided to wade into the highly debated question of precisely when Willis and Wade began their romance, a matter which contributed greatly to allegations of a disqualifying conflict of interest in the Trump case.

Responding to the query, Wade said, “There's been this effort to say that. OK. These exact dates are at issue in these exact dates are -- I'm getting, I'm getting signaled here,” referencing an apparent attempt by his off-camera handlers to prevent him from answering further.

A consultant for Wade asked to speak to his client, and the interview was paused while they two conferred out of microphone range.

Upon his return to the interview, Collins reiterated her question, to which Wade answered, “So I believe that the public has, through the testimony and other interviews, a clear snapshot that this is clearly just a distraction. It is not a relevant issue in this case. And I think that we should be focusing on more of the facts and the indictment of the case,” obviously hoping to sidestep further probing from the host.

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