Netflix unveils new crackdown on password sharing

 February 13, 2023

Netflix has become a feature in homes across the world, with customers using it to stream movies and television shows from the comfort of their living rooms.

However, the company has unveiled a new crackdown on password sharing among its foreign users, a policy that could soon come to America. 

Using service at multiple locations will require an account upgrade

According to Canada's The Globe and Mail, Canadian Netflix customers have begun receiving warnings that each account is for use in a single household.

The message informs subscribers they must set their primary location by February 21 and that $7.99 upgrade fee must be paid if someone on the account wishes to use the service at another address.

However, the company insists that subscribers can still avail themselves of the service while traveling provided that they use a device brought from home.

The crackdown is ruffling feathers, with some Canadian customers taking to social media and announcing that they will cancel their accounts.

Some users say they will cancel

One Canadian user said that his password hasn't been shared with others, but "the implications of traveling and using it was enough" for him to sever his relationship with Netflix.

The customer went on to complain about Netflix's subscription fee as well as the fact that his favorite programs have been canceled.

Meanwhile, the website Endgadget reported that the new password policy isn't limited to Canada, as users in New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain will also be affected.

New password policy could lead to a spike in illegal downloads

Endgadget contributor Mat Smith argued that although Netflix is seeking to mitigate the loss of revenue through password sharing, its latest move could well have unintended consequences.

"It's not clear how new regions will take to the policy. Many rival services don't have account-sharing restrictions, and given how many options there are now, this could coax users elsewhere," Smith wrote.

"Or maybe people will rediscover illegal streams, torrents and all the other methods we used to watch video before the streaming boom," he added.

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